Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 to 2000

What would you think if someone would brake into YOUR HOUSE claming such nonsense as a “right of defence”, or a “right to exist”, and it gets even better, a “right to return”. Not just for himself but for his whole family and all their relatives. They slowely take over your house and you end up in a small smelly room in the basement without a window or a toilet. A room you have to share with your family! — Remember it’s your own house! — After fully feeling at home, in your home, they start killing your neighbors and destroy the trees in your garden. They live from the food your garden provides, your family is starving.

What would you do?

[livevideo id=85EF2416887746D9AA58B4776AA2661D]

The Palestinians deceandants from the ancient Israelites, they got a right to the land, the white skinned Khazars on the other hand, today the majority of so called “Jews”, decented from Turks not Semites. These people have no more right to the land of Palestine than let’s say the Japanese, you can’t claim a “right to return” to a place you never been to!

It’s like an African converts to the religion of the ancient Maya and than claims a right to their ancient homeland, it’s ridicilous!

  • For more infos about “Jewish” heritage visitors may visite
  • Download link for the video

~ by metadave on June 1, 2007.

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