The Controlled Opposition

Gatekeeper be aware!

Control both sides, thesis and anti-thesis, and you control what’s going on, because what’s going on, reality, is based on the synthesis, the product of thesis and anti-thesis.

That’s basically the essence of Hegel’s dialectic of history, the principle behind the control of society as a whole. Put into action it’s called controlled opposition, remember Orwell’s 1984? These people have been in control for a very long time, they know that they can either offer a fake aka controlled oppositon or they would have to face a real opposition. Most of these so called oppositon websites on the web are part of the controlled opposition. Based on their grab on all money channels, they control all movements to some degree, be it the left, right, anarchists, facists, communists, truthseeker, liberals, femists, anti-reasonists, revisionists, short, anything you could possible think of.

Basically they control anything that needs money, as more money something needs, as more control they have over it. Like I said bevore; Money equals access, and by controlling the money they effectivle control the access to society and it’s forming functions. That’s one of the main reasons why they want to put a price tag on anything, free things are evil, they can’t control them. Curently they are trying to put a price tag on life it self, water, dna, plants. In the future they probably just have to cut the water supply to shut down the opposition, the same way like they are now shuting down websites opposing them simlply by cuting of their money channels. But enough of economical principles, let’s talk about controlled opposition.

It’s not always easy to spot the controlled oppositon, these people tend to hide the true reach of heir tentacel usually very well. We should be thankful to intelectual anti-athlets like Chris Womak – you know that guy running the blog the “Politically Correct Apostate” – for exposing themselves and the people they are working with. Chris Womak has provided us – and every one else reading his blog – with a list of the criminal gatekeeper-network he is working with.


Controlled opposition people are also usually the ones talking a lot about free speech, freedom of expression and and these things while in reality supressing them! Uncensored comments? Uncensored forums? No way! They simply won’t offer a uncensored way for their readers to comunicate with each other no matter how much they talk about free speech.

no-free speech

“In the end deceivers deceive only themselves”
–Mahatma Gandhi

~ by metadave on June 7, 2007.

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