Jews are NOT white (Anthropology)

An introduction into anthropology and the Khazar race.

[livevideo id=7F6E73B73E644519AEBFEE1384CE9E2A]

Just ask yourself one question, why should behavior be more equal among different races than other traits? It’s a question with the power to free your mind from the barriers Jewish “education” and media have implanted. These barriers of wrong believes and false principle are what is usually called prejudice, the greatest single factor blocking people from comprehending truth and knowledge known to man.

To quote the fellow German Metaphysiker Arthur Schopenhauer; “The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.”

One of the main tasks of our media and “education” systems is to install prejudice, building gates to keep truth and knowledge out. Prejudice works like a placeholder for real knowledge and working principles. People which know nothing will seek out knowledge to fill the empty space in their mind, people who know only wrong will not seek out real knowledge because they believe themselves to already know what there is to know.

Jews are neither white nor Innocent, it’s time to brake the barriers of prejudice in your mind, it’s time to wake up!

“Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews . . . The Mongolian type of idiocy is also very frequently observed among Jews . . . Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large . . . Jews are more liable to acute psychoses of early age than are non-Jews.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, (1904), p. 556, 603-04).

“The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among the Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, (1905), p. 225).

Imbecile and insane…

  • For more infos about “Jewish” heritage you may visit
  • A list of times they were expelled from some country because of usury and other malpractices can be found here. Be aware that the list shows the absolute “fair and balanced” Jewish point of view.
  • Are jews Intelligent? The believe that Jews are intelligent is another example of prejudice fooling our minds. Khazar’s like Noam Chomsky are the exception not the rule!
  • Download link for the video

~ by metadave on June 8, 2007.

20 Responses to “Jews are NOT white (Anthropology)”

  1. Khazar theory is bullshit. Just ask Joooo expert Kevin Macdonald.
    You make no sense. Showing a video saying Joooos are non white, yet the video gives them middle Eastern traits.

    In other words, you are an internet circus freak. Ashkenazi Joooos have an IQ average of 107. That is proven.

    Joooos were expelled from countries mostly for not buying into Jesus, forced to be entrepreneurial, basically forced to make it outside the mainstream….and this led to success, something you will never know. When economies went south and/or new regimes popped up, it was easy to kick out the successful minorities and take over their homes and businesses.

    But you aren’t interested in the truth, freak.

    There is a Joooo under your bed. ROFLMAOAY.

  2. You have invoked the ire of the BEAJ. A typical Bolshevik killer waiting for circumstance to facilitate his opportunity to let the blood of others.

  3. You Khazars are barbariens from Mongolien. Your kind are the ancestors of the Mongolien hordes that couldn’t take Europe because an aliance of Germanic Clans and the Roman Empire defeat them. The battle I think was where is today Poland. We saved Europe from you Asiatic normades! What survived of these barbariens settled in the region where is today Georgia. There they founded Khazaria, what came to be known as the Empire of the Khazars. Chosing judaism was a pure political decision by the way, this way they could trade with both, christians and muslims! In Khazaria it also was where your ancestors first mixed with Aryan blood, the Slavic race.

    1200 Years I think the Khazar Empire survived, it was the little ice age that brought an end to the Empire of your ancestors. The climatic change forced the Vikkings to flee Greenland, the excape part they choose brought them to Khazaria. Bye bye Khazaria.

    After Khazaria I think it was when your ancestors started to develop this parasitic/normadic behavior/way of life. It’s the evolution of your old way of living, instat of operating as barbariens hordes which take everything of value with force, your people have become bankers and all sorts of parasites which do exactly the same but without causing so much resistence. This way you can take everything without a fight! Highly sophisticated barbariens!

    A high IQ? Only in the junk tests other Khazars invented! Your real average IQ is somewhere between Mexicans and Africans, it can’t get much lower. You are inbecile barbariens, you perverted our education, IQ tests and society as a whole in order to hide that fact.

  4. “In social feasts, and deeds of hospitality, no nation upon earth was ever more liberal and abounding. To refuse admitting under your roof any man whatsoever, is held wicked and inhuman. Every man receives every comer, and treats him with repasts as large as his ability can possibly furnish. When the whole stock is consumed, he who has treated so hospitably guides and accompanies his guest to the next house.”
    — Tacitus, Roman historian, on Germany (55-115A.D.)

    That’s how my people behaved around 2000 years ago, these Khazars behave like parasitic locust hordes. Khazars are Asiatic-nomads, parasites changing their place of living every time all natural recources are consumed. And these Khazars did a lot of damage to Europe.

    “A surprising outcome of their testing so far is that about one out of three Caucasians (Aryan) have significant Native American and East Asian ancestry.

    It appears like the Mongolien behavior traits have dominance over the Aryan behavior traits, just like the genes for dark hair have dominance over the genes for blond hair. Their apparence doesn’t matter, inside they are still barbariens.

  5. You should stop right after before you say “I think” because it is apparent you don’t.
    And learn history and English if you are going to have a blog. You are borderline retarded at best.

  6. “Henceforth, no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverishes the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently, they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible”

    — Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1717-1789)

  7. While the Jew may self abuse, applaud, slap himself about in feigned humility and vocalise with voluminous ecstasy regarding his probably illusory “intelligence”, the collective reality of Jewish existence suggests his integrity quotient has flatlined near zero since the religious inception of the “Jew”.

    A fraudulent people masquerading as a moral exemplar, but really a proven blight unto the world of others. Each generation of non-Jew learns through bitter experience not to believe anything that peristalts from the putrid public relations orifice of the hive minded entity that is the Jew.

  8. I mean the only kinds of Jews the media is showing are either religious people or highly educated ones like Noam Chomsky and co. It’s not hard to understand why they have fooled our perception for so long.

    It’s a good thing that more and more people are awakening! It’s time for brighter day, and this I mean literally because this sick artificial weather is starting to really piss me off!

  9. ZOG will destroy you!!! Fool. Enjoy the putrid rot in your own mind.

  10. Time will tell.

  11. Noticed one comment was by -> The Atheist Jew. It got me wondering about Their religion. What is it? Judaism and if so, where does the Talmud fit in? Is it a religious book? How many follow / practice its teachings? Just wondering how this all works together, if it does?

  12. […] Jews are NOT white (Anthropology) […]

  13. Long live the Jews. It is proven that Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than all the rest of mankind. Their persecution was and is rooted in envy. I wanna marry an Ashkenazi Jew. Those hating the jews want a worst humanity.

  14. just in their self created kosher-dreamworld.

    “The most common misperception in the US today about jews is that they are “intelligent”, with IQs of 115, compared to Whites of 100 and blacks of 85. How did this happen, since it was US immigration policy which was based on IQs just 77 years ago that caused many jews to be refused admission to the US?”

  15. I can only speak of my own experience with Jews:
    I had a Russian-Jewish co-worker that was VERY LAZY and also spoke and moved slowly, and he talked about MONEY ALOT and if he had enough money he would never work again in his whole life( not me, I actually like working, but then, I’m not a Jew.) Also in college I met a Jewish girl who would eat strange plants and flowers, whenever she saw a plant or flower she would just eat it, not knowing if it were poison, or safe to eat. A couple of times she said it burned her mouth & throat but she still kept doing it. I have met Jews who are lawyers, they would appear to be the brighter kind of Jew, but if you have ever met a Jewish lawyer you would know they are also the biggest asshole kind of Jew.

  16. According to IQ and the Wealth of Nations, a 2002 book, the average Israeli IQ is 94. # 33 on the World’s Highest IQ. Hong Kong was # 1, with an average IQ of 107, followed by several NE Asian countries, then Austria and Germany were # 6 & 7 respectively with an average IQ of 102. Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea were at the bottom, with IQ of 63 and 59 respectively.

    I agree that Jewish IQ is overrated.

  17. […] Jews are NOT white (video debunking the claim that Jews are part of the European race) […]

  18. When was the last time a joo stood behind a white nationalist/separatist? When was the last time a joo was on the defense rather than the prosecution while a white man was fighting for his freedom to save his race? At least this video is attempting to raise awareness of this EXTREMELY important dilemma. Joos will come on here to refute this, meanwhile, they think they ARE different and hate whites as a race. Even worse, do nothing deadbeat whites will come on here and critique a white guy for trying to do something they themselves should be doing. If whites were doing something to help their race they wouldn’t have time trolling the internet looking to eliminate white competition. Because whites are such elitist competitive jackasses they can’t even recognize a joo undermining a white man’s attempt to do something right. For every joo trying to blow the credibility of a fighting white man, there will be 100 whites ready to do the job for them. The white man’s ego is the problem first and foremost. Take care of the white enmity by whites against whites and the joo will be flushed out. When I write my book I won’t even give it to the white race because they are so pathetic. They would find a million things wrong with it because they will view it as a threat. A Hindu would probably receive it better…

    Anyway, good job on a fine video. Don’t listen to the jackasses trying to marginalize you. Bottom line is, if one knows the truth, this video adds another piece of the puzzle and a thread of a very long tapestry which many hope will never be woven

  19. g

  20. This site is so retarded Jews are green like everyone else.You see money trumps everything including race.

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