Eric Hufschmid is a Zionist chill!

Gatekeeper be aware!

Eric Hufschmid

The question is no longer who is a zionist agent, the real question is who is not? These are truly dark times we are currently experiencing.I had an eMail exchange with this guy from Daryl Bradford Smith just 2 or 3 days ago and he is most definitly a traitor as well. What we need is to build an alternative news network or something like that, a way to pass all these gates and gatekeeper.

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Just watch how Eric Hufschmid devalidates real info with pure nonsence! Something most of them do! And there are many of them! Most of them have a lot of good information on their sites, they use them as bait to lure the people and their possible donations away from the people with genuine intentions. Most of these agents have good stuff, how else could they lure people and their possible doanations to their sites? It’s also about social mobility, these traitors won’t be of any help when we will finally need them the most. Therefore they need to be replaced by people with genuine intentions.

Ales Jones and these other diceiver are loosing their cover, Hufschmid and co are probably there to catch these people moving away from Aley Jones bevore they find a real alternative. This way they can decide what they will expose and what not, a little control is better than no control is what these people in power probably think.

Sites run by these agents:

Usually they start with good information and working logic, as time goes by, they bring more and more and more dissinfo and falty logic up. Just look what happened to the “scholars for truth”. They went from real science to total nonsence about “beams from outer space” knocking down the towers.

Here is a new article from Hufschmid I just found, the logic it contains is so false and nonsensical that it almost hurts just to read it! I’ll quote some of the gods parts here.

These people must believe that we are all total morons!


Have we been “dumbed down”?

We are not dumbed down, we are exploited

As I try to show in this article, what is happening should be classified as a crime, not a dumbing down process.

Hopefully you are aware that most of the people in the 9/11 and Holocaust “truth movement” are trying to cover up the crimes and confuse us, not expose the crimes.

This should then lead you to wonder if the dumbing down theory is also intended to cover up what is really happening.

The dumbing down theory encourages you to feel sorry for yourself, your friends, and your children.

They counldn’t exploit us if we weren’t already dumbed down! Most of their lies are so obvious that they need the cover of prejudice and false principles to survive out in the light.

Every school educates its students

Millions of children have already passed through school systems around the world.

After a few years of education, all children are capable of performing arithmetic, reading, and writing. This is true of every school we analyze. Every school is educating its students.

After a few more years of schooling, all students learn more about science, geography, history, and/or other subjects.

No student leaves school with less of an education than when he started. A school cannot remove a person’s education, nor can it remove intelligence.

Even the schools that are criticized as lousy are providing an education to the children.

So does life! At least life usually does not install so much prejudice, false principles and total nonsense! Humans start leraning even bevore they are born. Humans will learn in anyway. That life is the best school is something people not so long ago were well aware off.

A lousy school is better than no school

Sending children to a lousy school is better than not providing them with an education.

It doesn’t make sense to accuse schools of “dumbing down” students. The expression “dumbing down” implies that the school is making the students worse.

The only sensible complaint about our schools is that they could be doing a better job of educating students.

Wrong, people would learn to read and write and do basic math even without school. People who teach themseves at least usually don’t loose the ability to think on their own, people “educated” by the system tend to only repeat the junk they were programmed with, apparently incapable of producing output on their own. Our schools take creative beings capable of independent and abstract thought and turn them into almost brain death “Repeater”! No schooling is way better than the schooling we have!

Schools are not “dumbing us down”

The dumbing down phenomenon is an illusion. Most parents have an exaggerated view of their children. Almost every parent considers his children to be much more intelligent, good looking, and talented than they really are.

When children do lousy in school, some parents refuse to believe it is because their children are actually dumb.

Sure, it’s simply because we white Europeans are so dumb that we have to inport technicians, mathematician, and all kind of educated people from countries like India. It apparently does not matter that our average inteligence or skills in that area are supperior, it must be like Eric Hufschmid sais it is, we are just dumb! I wonder how we invented all that stuff here in Germany bevore we had people from India to do all that stuff we are apparently just to dumb for!

The goal of the “educaten” they provide is not primary to spread lies, it’s about installing prejudice, without the prior installed prejudice their lies couldn’t survive on their own. With prejudice and false principles they downgrade our ability to think, that’s why wrong “educaten” is worse than no education at all. The schooling that’s currently forced upon our countries is so bad that every every attempt to re-educate these people has to start with de-learning most of that junk first. Kosher-schooling and kosher-televison do damage to our minds and development.

If it would be the other way around, does anyone believe that they would provide the masses with schooling at all? Here in Germany for example schooling is compulsory and homeschooling is banned! Hitler banned it quite some time ago and the law is still in place here! Why do you think is that? Surely not to do us any favor!

Be aware of such traitors and their dissinfo!

~ by metadave on June 13, 2007.

10 Responses to “Eric Hufschmid is a Zionist chill!”

  1. what makes them zionist agents? i thought i amthewitness dot com had some good info,a lot of it…..what makes you a NON zionist???

  2. I’m still running an old Athlon XP-M, they have websites and server. Where does their money come from?

    I asked this guy from a couple of days ago 3 very simple questions:

    # How do you make a living and run your site and server?
    # A member of what race are you exactly?
    # Why do you want to invite more Jewish traitors into the movement?

    That’s what came back:


    • Hufschmid is accusing Christopher Bollyn of being kidnapped by the Mossad in Sweden, and making the accusation that he is retracting his statements about Israel carrying out 9/11. I believed at first, but a quick check at reveals that he is still active and even did a radio interview last week.

      Have you seen the iamthewitness site? It looks like a maniac designed it, pink fonts, fonts of various sizes, no order, etc.

      Daryl Bradford Smith and Hufschmid both conspire to discredit Bollyn:

  3. hmmm interesting,well keep up the good work in bringing down the zionist movement…the revolution might not be televised,but on the internet it will.

    with apologies to W. S. Gilbert
    See for original lyrics and MIDI source for melody.

    When a Bollyn’s not engaged in his deceptions –
    His deceptions,
    Or maturing his heinous little plans –
    Little plans,
    His capacity for innocent conceptions –
    ‘Cent conceptions,
    Is just as great as any vodka man –
    Vodka man.

    Our motives we with difficulty cover –
    ‘Culty cover,
    When cons tabulate fleece anew to be spun –
    To be spun,
    Ah, take one consideration with another –
    With another,
    A Zion man’s lot is not a happy one.
    When cons tabulate fleece anew to be spun, to be spun,
    A Zion man’s lot is not a happy one, happy one.

    When the enterprising Hufschmid’s not a-tricking –
    Not a-tricking.
    When that Daryl Smith ain’t occupied in slime –
    ‘Pied in slime,
    He loves to hear the little brook a-trickling –
    Brook a-trickling,
    And listen to the merry village chime –
    Village chime.

    When the hoaxer’s finished pumping out another –
    Out another,
    He loves to pull a fast one for some fun –
    For some fun,
    Ah, take one consideration with another –
    With another,
    A Zion man’s lot is not a happy one.
    When cons tabulate fleece anew to be spun, to be spun,
    A Zion man’s lot is not a happy one, happy one.


  5. unless ernst zundel is really a zionist agent, a man who has been imprisoned for the cause, and everyone hufschmid names as an agent really is and hufshcmid who is also a jew, is the only one telling the truth than
    HUFSCHMID is an agent and needs to be taken out
    if you live in the same area as him get hufschmid

  6. Your observations are very acute, you seem to have enough scepticism and (especially based on you vids on philosophy – I appreciate them very much) you belong to an intellectual elite. But again, how can you guarantee that you are not a jewish disinformant agent?

  7. Again, I can not. Today everyone is a possible disinfo agent and you do best by considering eveyrone guilty till proven inoccent, society has became a sick place, paranoia the most likely outcome.

    In the Soviet union it was the same, the people did not know who to trust, anyone was a possible agent and so the people generelly did not dare to speak out their minds and thus remained ignorant slaves for the most part.

  8. Check out

  9. This is looks like a shill site. Eric Hufschmid is probably one of the best guys in the movement. -I think he’s totally anti-zionist, anti -Talmudic hate.

    And I think the rather weak – but certainly excessive and repetative-attacks on him show he was 100% correct on Bollyn.

    There are a number of sites that have popped up in interesting places that all trump the same nonsensical falsehoods and irrelevancies about Hufschmid.

    The Zionists hate this guy….that works for me. He’s got some rather silly ideas as well–but I’m sure a few of mine might be silly too. But most-90% most-is better presented and thought out that anything ever done on these vital topics. More thorough and doubt. I recommend him to all, and it’s one of the few(now).

    PS Eric, however, should be careful. We’ve seen bloggers come back from unannounced absences with the strangest attitude changes before. But I would imagine he’s well aware given what happened to Bollyn. Who’s been scared and is out of the picture for now. All of us should be grateful for his early work. The traitorous enemies have got to him, obviously…

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