The Khazar Invasion (Video)

Khazars decendet from the Mongolien hordes which couldn’t take Europe because an aliance of Germanic Clans and the Roman Empire defeated them. The Mongolian invaders managed to get as far as what is today Poland, the eastern boarder of Germanic territory at that time. They were stoped by Germanic clans and the Roman Empire which is the reson why similar DNA is found in Eastern Europe.

Those were hordes which slauther most man while raping the women, they left a “DNA trail” on their journey from the far east to Europe. That’s where the gap between West- and East Europe comes from. Communism mad it worse but the gap already existed long before. It is the boarder where the Mongolians were stoped from spreading their DNA further into Europe thanks to my ancestors which protected Central and Western Europe! For the Mongolians hordes who were used to fight on horse back on open steppe areas, the dark forests of Germania were the worst case scenario.

But these asiatic neo-nomads are currently running the world.

[livevideo id=DF96B566D5B5479E8EC82534BB3F41CC]

These barbarians came from the far east after they were defeated by the Chinese, the Chinese built this huge wall to keep them and their kind out! Today Khazar’s are devils in sheep clothes; it appears like the Mongolian behavior traits have dominance over the Aryan behavior traits, just like the Mongolian genes for dark hair overshadow the Aryan genes for blond hair. Their appearance doesn’t matter, inside they are still Asiatic nomads, parasitic barbarians.

  • For more info’s about “Jewish” heritage you may visit
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~ by metadave on June 15, 2007.

One Response to “The Khazar Invasion (Video)”

  1. i like the video,good historical aspect of theyre advancement into who they are today…fucking scum of the earth….fuck bankers,financial institutions…its all about greed..the greed for money and power and control…they just dont know whats coming to them….people like me will not bow down.

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