The connection between inequality and hierarchy explained


By David Preussen

“You, who cannot conceive of unity without a whole apparatus of legislators, prosecutors, attorney generals, custom house officers, policemen, you have never known what real unity is! What you call unity and centralization is nothing but perpetual chaos, serving as a basis for endless tyranny; it is the advancing of the chaotic condition of social forces as an argument for despotism–a despotism which is really the cause of the chaos.”
— Proudhon, Generell idea of the Revolution in the 19. Century

Why do we have hierarchy? Why do we have so much inequality? These are fundamental questions no one seems to ask. As long as we don’t ask the right question, we’ll only get the wrong answers.

You see, inequality and hierarchy are inter-winded with each other, there could be no inequality without hierarchy, just like there would be no hierarchy without inequality. Both, inequality and hierarchy, are what I call “social poisons”. Always tending to mutual destruction. This kind of relationship between inequality and hierarchy is called antinomy, literally counter-law, means opposition in principle or antagonism in relation.

Should I explain a little more? Just press both hands with force against each other; the relationship between the forces from your right and left arm you now have created is what is called an antinomy, two opposing forces tending to mutual destruction. The same kind of relationship exists between inequality and hierarchy/control.


Historically it all started in times of hardship, such time gave birth to what we know as class society, a society divided into classes. Out of the division into classes came inequality, a direct product of class society. The state than came into existence to contain the effects of inequality, the chaotic forces arising from social injustice. That’s the reason why we need an authoritarian state, it’s about containing the chaotic conditions arising from inequality. More inequality always requires more authoritarian control to contain it, it’s a direct relationship, just like more poverty causes more crime.

Do you get it? That’s why they push capitalism and multiculturalism. It’s to increase the inequality, the chaotic conditions which make their authoritarian rule inevitable. Think of it like you were the owner of a security company which needs crimes and fear for it’s very existence, increasing inequality would in this case be a sure way to cause more violence on the long run and thus increase your own profits. Governments can increase their own power simply by increasing inequality, it works exactly in the same way. Economical and racial inequality are the main factors behind the social chaos, usury, money lending and immigration are their main causes.

Why do you think there is Tag der offenen Tur (day of the open door) at the southern US boarder while your jobs are moving to China? You see, it’s all about increasing the inequality. Our current society is based on hierarchical rule out of inequality. Democracy is something entirely different by the way.

Why do you think most native populations and tribes get along without laws or a authoritarian state? In most primitive cultures there is simply neither much racial nor economical inequality at hand. Without inequality there is no need for so much authoritarian control. The history of my own people is a good example.

“For myself, I concur in opinion with such as suppose the people of Germany never to have mingled by inter-marriages with other nations, but to have remained a people pure, and independent, and resembling none but themselves. Hence amongst such a mighty multitude of men, the same make and form is found in all, eyes stern and blue, yellow hair, huge bodies, but vigorous only in the first onset. … The lord you cannot discern from the slave, by any superior delicacy in rearing. Amongst the same cattle they promiscuously live, upon the same ground they without distinction lie … All the enmities of your house, whether of your father or of your kindred, you must necessarily adopt; as well as all their friendships. Neither are such enmities unappeasable and permanent: since even for so great a crime as homicide, compensation is made by a fixed number of sheep and cattle, and by it the whole family is pacified to content. A temper this, wholesome to the State; because to a free nation, animosities and faction are always more menacing and perilous. In social feasts, and deeds of hospitality, no nation upon earth was ever more liberal and abounding. To refuse admitting under your roof any man whatsoever, is held wicked and inhuman. Every man receives every comer, and treats him with repasts as large as his ability can possibly furnish. When the whole stock is consumed, he who has treated so hospitably guides and accompanies his guest to the next house, though neither of them invited. Nor avails it, that they were not; they are there received, with the same frankness and humanity.” – Tacitus, on Germany (55-115a.d.)

In such cases without much inequality wannabe-authoritarian controller have to artificially cause inequality in order to set the conditions which require their authoritarian rule. It’s like a firefighter without job setting things on fire in order to create the required conditions to get a job. Jews have done not much else for the last 200 years.


Economical and racial inequality are the most effective weapons world Jewry has today. A free and multicultural society is an oxymoron, a no-place, a utopia. It’s a well kept secret that a society can just be either free or multicultural. By causing so much inequality they made it almost impossible for us to build a truly free society. Our current society would simply crumble into total chaos without their authoritarian control. Just think what would happen if we would just open all the boarders around the world, the poor people would simply flock into the rich countries and cause total social chaos in the process. The only way to open the boarders without causing so much chaos would be to remove the inequality as much as possible first. With freedom it’s the same; no equality = no freedom. Or like the Russian revolutionary Bakunin wrote; “Political Freedom without economic equality is a pretense, a fraud, a lie..”

Authoritarian control currently acts like a gate holding back the social chaos arising from inequality, just like boarders are keeping these poor people back. In order to successfully open the gate and re-gain our freedoms, the inequality behind the gate needs to be removed first.

That is why I’m against multiculturalism, it’s not because I don’t like other people, I simply know that multiculturalism and freedom are totally exclusive terms. I choose a free society over a diverse one! In a free society such basic principles would be thought in school!


~ by metadave on June 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “The connection between inequality and hierarchy explained”

  1. i like the reading,but i dont agree with the fact that multiculturalism and freedom cant coexist….i think multiculturalism is one of the most beautiful things a world and a community can have..but the word has been turned into a ‘dirty’ word,and the division between ethnic groups began ever since inequality began….Inequality is also a root of all evil,as money is…If people were taught that everyone was equal from the beginning….The Spanish wouldnt have thought they were better than Mayans,Incas,and Aztecs…The British wouldnt have thought they were above Indians in India…A system was made a long time ago before we could ever cry out and debate it…People have been unequal probably since the beginning of sovereign nations began….and the separation of wealth,of the rich and the poor….Why is their hierarchy?? If from the beginning everyone realized everybody is equal,nothing more than a mortal human being,there would be no kings or queens….Nobody is above anybody…I do believe that some sort of governing must be in place,or else like you say,nothing but chaos will ensue…but to say the ‘preserving of cultures’ and that mixing cultures is the reason we cant have freedom? to me that doesnt make any sense,its just a borrowed argument from people who were racist in the core of their hearts,couldnt stand the thought of sharing a cup of coffee with an african,or an asian…..and that is wrong…we are one world,and one people,with many different qualities,traits,and faces….but becuase of people who are profusely racist,and people who actually believe that one race is superior to another,a multiculturally free world will probably never come into existence. Freedom is an exlusive term,i agree with that…and there should only be one definition for it….Freedom- freedom is a human right,to be enjoyed by every human on earth,regardless of color,race,religion. I guess if everyone on this planet was one color,or had the same facial features as everyone else,wed be ok right?. Multiculturalism could bring a world like that,where everyone mixes with each other to the point where we are just one race,of many nationalities. However,we are well beyond the point of a return to genesis.

  2. We are all equal from the point that we are all equally human, that doesn’t mean that we are alse equal in capacities, in points of capacities there esists a huge gap between the races! Closing the eye’s and singing “we are all equal la la la”, does not change that fact. It’s not about racism, it’s about truth. Like Hegel (1770-1831) wrote; “The courage of the truth is the first condition of philosophic study.”

    Here’s a good read for you, it’s about the difference in athletic capacieties between east Africans and west Africans, not even the Agricans equal in capacities!

    Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports

    Such a society without racial diversity would be the worst that could happen, imagine just one amall brown race left and no culture except abominations and non-culture like mc death, gay pride, mtv, Britney Spears, and all that other cultural emptiness they promote! That’s not something to be desired! Diversity is a good thing in nature, there is no exception from that rule I know of. Would you like to eat the same0 stuff every day? Would you like to see the same movie every day? Of course not! We are destroying centuries old cultural diversity and replacing it with mtv non-cultare trash and sickness like gay pride! We are hading directly into a nightmare version of the movie “Idiocracy”!

    Just look what has happened to China and Russia under forced communist equalisation! Forced equalisation has almost destroyed the cultural foundations of these societies! That’s a crime, not an archivement!

    And by the way, we can still reverse the process, the damage is still reparabel. We just have to collectively do something about the current leadership-problem most of the world is currently facing.

    PS: Just look at the history of multiethical countries like India; in India racism and hate between the races still exists after houndreds of years of coexistence, babylonianism does not work, it never has!

  3. Or search for statistics about how people of European decent in American in multiethical-schools do compared to their peers in countries like Sweden with mostle white classes. Puting different races with diverse capacities into the same classes does harm to the development of all. Not just for the white majority, black students did better as well in the time were the seperation of was still in place.

    Currently it’s a loose : loose situation for the kids no matter of colour.

  4. All these multiculturalism/babylomialism stuff I believe is the “impossible equality” the protocols of zion were already talking about more than 110 years ago! The protocols predicted that it would be the attempt to reach this impossible equality, the attempt we are currently witnessing, which would rip our nations and roots apart.

  5. Damn..I just feel like theres so many variables in trying to find a soultion fo ‘fix the problem’ or ‘save the world’ ….those zionists knew what they were doing 100 years ago,and they did it…i agree that its a lose -lose situation for todays youth,since it feels like the last days of real life,as weve come to know it anyway…..and i agree with the bullshit culture they have in america,’pop culture’ mtv,hollywood,disney land…its all bullshit,its all about the dollar…I definitely understand theres capacity-differences between races and colors…but i believe its due to the system they function under that creates the disparities in education ..(and after reading the athelte article i see that atheltic talents are predominantly due to genetics,which is very understandable)….the education system in america,as far as public schools k-12 is a DISGRACE…ive been to europe and definitely notice the intellectual gap between americans and europeans,its enourmous…weve got to get down to the bottom of whos on top..whos dictating the quality of education in their respective countries,continents maybe….is it the zionist faux-jews? is it just a matter of haves and have nots? the wealthy and the poor? is that it? …ha,its hard for me not to go off on a tangent,i just started really opening my eyes to all this information regarding/predicting/observing/researching the new world order….that was a great article on the kenyan atheletes…like i said,just too many variables…its just a shame humanity nowadays doesnt value science and research as much as it once did,back in say the times of the great philosophers of the greeks and such…theres probably 100,000 einsteins in the world today but people just dont care,thanks to…media control?..population control?…i dont know…but thats why im reading up on everything i can and watching all educational videos i can find…thanks for replying to the comment.

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