Poll: Americans’ Confidence in Congress at All-Time Low

I usually don’t post much news since there are enough news sources around and in the end all the news comes from the same sources anyway. But this time I make an exception, it’s good news!

PRINCETON, NJ — The percentage of Americans with a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress is at 14%, the lowest in Gallup’s history of this measure — and the lowest of any of the 16 institutions tested in this year’s Confidence in Institutions survey. It is also one of the lowest confidence ratings for any institution tested over the last three decades.


Basic Data

Gallup’s annual update of the public confidence in institutions — conducted June 11-14, 2007 — shows that all but 2 of the 16 institutions included in this year’s survey have at least slightly lower confidence ratings than last year (although most of these changes are not statistically significant). The largest drops in confidence between 2006 and 2007 are eight percentage points for banks, the presidency, television news, and newspapers. There has been no change in the ratings of big business and HMOs.


Why is it good news? Don’t you know? It’s good news because it shows that the Matrix is loosing it’s power to control our perception of reality; they control is based on controlling our perception of reality, not direct force. These thugs are loosing the only real control they got. It’s almost seems like a race in which they try to enslave us all as long as they still can bevore their time runs out.

People in the US may not aware of it, but we people here in Europe count on you! You are still armed, we are not. You can still resist, we are disarmed slaves.

“When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.”

~ by metadave on June 22, 2007.

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