Jewish a priori junk-science

Trust us, we’re experts!


The term “science” originated from the Latin word for knowledge “scientia”. Basically spoken, science is everything that produces knowledge, the main aim of science is and always was knowledge and truth, just like the main aim of the media intentionally was to inform the people.

“A priori science” describes science which aim is not knowledge but a desired end. Doing something “a priori” means starting with a believe and than trying to proof this believe right, or wrong, depending on the desired outcome. The desired end of a priori science is therefore not knowledge or truth but action. “A priori science” is to real science what is propaganda to real information.

Just like the media lost track of it’s original mission over time, science has lost track of it’s mission as well. What is today called science has become a tool for the sake of meeting desired ends instat of a mean in it self simply for the sake of gaining knowledge. The scientist, ones a lover of truth and wisdom, has become a simply tool in the hands of the powers that be, a tool that is usually doing far more damage than good.

Threw their control on the wealth, Jews have taken control of science, just like they have taken control of “our” media and goverments. Real scientist’s were over time slowly replaced by Jewish ideology warrior.

The list of Jewish ideology warriors posing as scientist’s of some sort is long. I will therefore here only focus on a handful selected Jewish ideology warriors and the adverse effects they had on society.


(Sir) Francis Bacon (1561-1626): Jewish parasite, honor for money scumbag, ideology warrior posing as philosopher/metaphysician

Bacon was born on 1561 in London, he was the youngest of five sons in a crypto-Jewish family. The father was (Sir) Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal under Elizabeth I.

Bacon was a defender of usury, a liar, and a fraud who did great harm to science as a whole. He is one of the first crypto-Jewish invader into European science I found by my research. Bacon was also adviser to the English crone where he did much harm as well.

Bacon on usury (one of his essay’s)

“Therefore to speak of the abolishing of usury is idle. All states have ever had it, in one kind or rate, or other. So as that opinion must be sent to Utopia.” (his reasoning here is false, Proudhon showed why)

Sing a new song (part of a poem my Bacon)

“O sing a new song, to our God above, Avoid profane ones, ’tis for holy choir: Let Israel sing song of holy love To him that made them, with their hearts on fire: Let Zion’s sons life up their voice, and sing Carols and anthems to their heavenly king.”

Karl Marx

Karl Marx (1818-1883): Jewish parasite, liar, ideology warrior posing as an economist

Marx was born 1818 in Trier (Germany). He was the son of the Jewish layer Heinrich Marx (real name Hirsch Mordechai)

Marx did great harm to society, his non working ideolgy was responsible for the mental enslavement of the working class and he is considered to be the “father” of communism. Communism alone killed +60.000.000 people and the working class is still mentally enslaved and cripled by his non working shemes. Strikes in the privat economy do nothing more than to increase prices and the profits of the capitalists, something the working class has still not realized thanks to Marx.

Silvio Gesell on Marx and Proudhon (The Natural economic order)

“How was it that the Marxian theory of capital succeeded in ousting that of Proudhon and in giving sovereign sway to cornmunistic socialism ? How is it that Marx and his theory are spoken of by every newspaper in the world ? Some have suggested as a reason the hopelessness, and the corresponding harmlessness, of the Marxian doctrine. “No capitalist is afraid of his theory, just as no capitalist is afraid of the Christian doctrine; it is therefore positively an advantage to capital to have Marx and Christ discussed as widely as possible, for Marx can never damage capital. But beware of Proudhon; better keep him out of sight and hearing! He is a dangerous fellow since there is no denying the truth of his contention that if the workers were allowed to remain at work without hindrance, disturbance or interruption, capital would soon be choked by an over-supply of capital (not to be confused with an over-production of goods). Proudhon’s suggestion for attacking capital is a dangerous one, since it can be put into practice forth-with. The Marxian programme speaks of the tremendous productive capacity of the present-day trained worker equipped with modem machinery and tools, but Marx cannot put this tremendous productive capacity to use, whereas in the hands of Proudhon it becomes a deadly weapon against capital. Therefore talk away, harp on Marx, so that Proudhon may be forgotten.”

Bakunin on Marx (Polémique contres les Juifs 1856)

“Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschilds. This may seem strange. What could there be in common between communism and high finance? Ho ho! The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists there must inevitably exist a state central bank, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation, which speculates upon the labor of the people, will always find the means for its existence…”


Sigmund Freud (1865-1939): Jewish parasite, liar, ideology warrior possing as “psychologist”.

Freud was born 1856 in Moravia (then Austrian Empire, now Czech Republic). His father Jacob was a wool merchant.

Freud did almost as great harm to society as did Marx, the anorganic-psychopathic view of the human mind he forced upon society is harming humans to this day. His theory of the supression of feelings and emotions does nothing but causing more severe psychological problems on the long run. Jewish psychology is incompatible to the gentile mind but they are still forcing their empty mind set on us.

Some quotes by Freud

“Civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through this primary hostility of men towards one another.” (translation: humans are animals that need to be controlled)

“A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a psychologist.” (traslation: I’m not mentally healthy but who cares?)

“Love and work… work and love, that’s all there is.” (translation: serve and reproduce)

Alber Einstein

Albert Einstein (1879-1955): Jewish parasite, liar, possible pedophile, ideology warrior possing as physicist

Einstein was born 1879 in Ulm, Germany. His father was Hermann Einstein, a salesman.

Einsteins junk-science did great harm to physics, he is responsible that we are still stuck here! E=mc² made sure that physics will go nowhere. Fake junk-science is simply no replacement for real science, just like the fake moon landing hoax is no replacement for real space travel. His E=mc² junk is comparable to the “the world is flat” junk in the Middle Ages. Junk that made sure we’ll go nowhere.

The Old Greeks were already closer to the principles behind movement and gravity than is modern junk-science. The Greeks world believed that everything has a natural place in the universe, fallowing a natural order. Motion in Greek physics was a form of change. A change of position required a force, and any sustained motion required a continual force. Modern physics on the other hand still can’t explain how gravity and motion really works. They create a priori junk like the theses about “dark energy” or “dark matter” to hide their ignorance behind fancy names.


B. F. Skinner (1904-1990): Jewish parasite, psychopath posing as psychologist (the lunatics are running the asylum)

Skinner was born 1904 in Pennsylvania. (USA) His father was William Skinner, a lawyer.

Skinner, a psychopath posing as scientist, is one of those Jews mainly responsible for the sickness which is today called education. Skinner view of the human mind was even more sociopathic and empty than what came from the fellow Jew Freud around a half century earlier. Skinner saw the human mind as something which has no form on it’s one and thus requires modeling by means of conditioning and indoctrination. Based on his anorganic Jewish view of the human mind we became education which does not educate at all and students incapable of independent thought.

Some quotes by Skinner

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.” (well, most humans “educated” by his methods do really not think)

“Give me a child and I’ll shape him into anything.” (no coment)

Plato’s gentile attempt to education in comparisson; “Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”


David Wechsler (1896-1981): Jewish parasite, liar, ideology warrior possing as “psychologist”

Wechsler was born in a Jewish family in Lespezi, Romania, and immigrated with his parents to the United States as a child.

Wechler is responsibal for the widely held missassumption that the IQ difference between the sexes is just minor. He accomplished that by a perfect example of modern a priori science. Wechsler’s intention must have been all along to design a test in which males and females would get equal scores, but Wechsler had some “problems” to deal with. In more than 90% of the first test males were superior to femals, that was a problem, Wechsler had to come up with something.

Do you know what the ideology warrior did do to solve the problem his equality thesis had with reality? He just cut the +94% of the test’s in which males had supreriority over females complitley out of the test! This test also changed the average IQ results of Jews from somewhere around inbecile to an alleged average IQ of 115! A great peace of a priori science! Thanks to Wechler we have “IQ” test’s which do not really measure intelligence and femals which believe themselves to be equal in intelligence to their male counterparts.

How it came so far in the first place

Not so long ago science was based on reason and logic and thus more or less secure from Jewish influence. In science based on logic and reason the reasening it self was all that was important. If the reasoning is already wrong, there is no need to check the results at all! Faulty reasoning will never produce accurate result. It’s comparable to the use of formulas in math. If a formula used to get an result was already wrong, it’s simply a waste of time to check the results which were based on that wrong formula because results based on wrong math formulas will be wrong at any rate. It’s precisly the same with results based on wrong reasoning.

“For what is the end proposed in reasoning? To establish true propositions, to remove the false, to withhold assent from those which are not plain.” — Epictetus, The Discourses (55-135b.c.)

Back in those days checking the reasoning process behind scientific results was all that was really important. That all slowly changed under Jewish influence to the mess we have today. — It’s by the way not uncommen for parasites to change the behavior of their host in their own favor. — As result of all this today we get between 10-100 pages without reasoning but full of more or less worthless results in some pseude scientific code language not many people can even understand.

Such results are worthless because in such cases you either have to believe or ignore them because re-checking these results would cost great amonts of time and money most just don’t have! Basically we went from science based on reason and logic to science based on faith and money.

With enough money you can today buy an expert for almost everything! Don’t you know that Aspartame is safe?

For further reading into some of the subject matter:

  • University of Toronto Fraud

~ by metadave on June 25, 2007.

9 Responses to “Jewish a priori junk-science”

  1. wtf, Jews don’t have a monopoly on a priori science… science by definition is a priori, i.e. any scientific experiment is setup in a way to produce predictable results.

    E=mc2 cannot be right, yet it seems spot-on compared to the classical view on physics. Also, this postulation, has pretty much been validated through repeated experiments with fission and fusion of matter, in both cases matter is has ‘disappeared’ and a lot of energy was ‘created’. Newton was not a Jew, yet his views of mechanics and physics are even less ‘correct’ than Einsteins. Everything science ‘knows’ is merely ‘the best approximation of reality’ humanity has been able to capture within mathematics.

    Einstein had his personal views on things which prevented him from embracing quantum physics and its inherent uncertainty… this, however, does not make him a liar. Each and everyone of us is born with a pliable perception of reality. This pliability, however, does not last forever and decreases as our (perceived) understanding of reality increases. Old people tend to be very inflexible because most of them think they know everything there is to know and have lost their natural curiosity and mental flexibility as a result.

    Karl Marx was requested to write the communist manifesto by a English union, it wasn’t some scam he concocted himself to deceive the world by himself. Nonetheless, his manifesto was used to justify a lot of wrongdoing in the world… just as is the case with capitalism or any other system! Name one system which doesn’t victimize the weak or less fortunate… there isn’t one, except for a biblical system from the Jewish Torah: this system resets itself every fifty years, it also protects hard working folk against total screw-ups by allowing a debtor to sell himself into slavery, unless, of course, a family member is willing to bail him out… unlike American/European slaves, these slaves where usually treated humanely and where allowed to enjoy Sabbaths and the like. Also, unlike American/European slaves, these slaves where to be set free after a specified number of years of service (maybe 7 or 12 years).

    Please don’t turn ‘a priori science’ into some Jewish conspiracy… that’s just retarded.

  2. Jews are humans like everyone else. They, however, have been subject to centuries of persecution in Europe and other parts of the world… unless persecution leads to eradication, it usually merely increases resistance to integration/assimilation, while it at the same time strengthens the bond between the ones persecuted and the level by which they identity themselves with their heritage/culture. A lot of Jews, including members of tribes other than Judah i.e. Israelites, have largely assimilated into other cultures. In certain cases, especially in Asia and Africa, just a few cultural characteristics remain which hint to their Jewish ancestry…

    This resistance to persecution (or oppression) is common to human beings in general. Yet Jews have been subject to this kind of treatment for a very long time, starting with Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and continuing with Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and Nazis. Hence, I think its less of a miracle that they’ve been able to retain their own identity and culture, than that they where able to have survive up until this day. Also, in Medieval Europe, Jews where banned from guilds and the like, so they where forced to make a living through trade and other ‘guild-less’ professions. This oppression more or less forced them to specialize in trade and making a profit… we can’t blame them for that, if it would have been anyones fault then its our (non-Jews) own!!

    Jews are as intelligent as anyone of us, yet the smartest and brightest of them are filtered and tested and filtered and tested etc. so the very smartest and brightest of them can become Rabbi’s, teachers. This is a brilliant way to accumulate and expand a peoples knowledge base. Also, every man, who has become a bar mitzvah, gets to speak his mind… unlike the extremely hierarchical structure of most other peoples, with their appointed/anointed sages/lords/priests/witches/wizards which more or less nullify any input from a brilliant commoner. Us, non-Jews, would be smart to learn from their culture instead of despising it, because, in a lot of ways, its superior to our own.

    Jews are human beings like the rest of us, there are good one and there are bad ones, there are rich ones and there are poor ones, there are smart ones and there are stupid ones, etc… don’t be a hater.

  3. Come on, Ashkenazi are not like anyone else. And don’t make it look like other people are responsible for what became of the Ashkenazi. Those people simply have no sense for honesty whatsoever, it’s not their fault, it’s part of their nature. And can you really blame other people for not wanting people who know no honesty in their guilds? People which lie and decive on every ocasion? Surely not, I would not want to have them around me either. They lie and lie and lie, and when the times comes the people have enough of them they feel unjustly prosecuted because they can not understand the reaction of the people since they never had a sense of honesty to begin with.

    You are probably an Ashkenazi as well so you will not understand either but we Europeans by nature consider lier as something disgusting, by us in the North lier were for centuries dealt with in the same way we dealt with murders, pedofiles, and other human trash. Together with a sense for honesty comes a disgust for dishonarable behavior, Ashkenazi call this disgust with dishonesty and treacherous behavior “anti-semitism”. And in one thing they are right namely that the disgust with dishonesty is a commen gentile trait and so from their point of view it may indeed be true that it appears like “anti-semitism” is a common gentile trait. Hegel described this natural lack of honesty as Chinese trait so I guess it’s part of your Mongoloid ancestry!

    “In China, however, the distinction between Slavery and freedom is necessarily, not great, since all are equal before the Emperor — that is, all are alike degraded. As no honor exists, and no one has an individual right in respect of others, the consciousness of debasement predominates, and this easily passes into that of utter abandonment. With this abandonment is connected the great immorality of the Chinese. They are notorious for deceiving wherever they can. Friend deceives friend, and no one resents the attempt at deception on the part of another, if the deceit has not succeeded in its object, or comes to the knowledge of the person sought to be defrauded. Their frauds are most astutely and craftily performed, so that Europeans have to be painfully cautious in dealing with them.” — Hegel on China

    And what culture is superior? The Semitic culture those Mongoloid Ashkenazis addapted because they had no own to begin with? Superior to what? The non-culture they have build here by us? Yeah sure, compared to the non-culture we have here almost everything is superior! It’s their junk religions and the Ashkenazi influence which destroyed most of our culture. Your inferior believes and way of life was forced upon us after all!

    And in the field of science there exist a difference between making mistakes and deliberatly creating junk which does not work for whatever reason. And it appears like this kind of behavior is indeed almost a Jewish monopol, the world is flat believe after all was enforced by your side as well! Not to mention that the monotonoistoc junk-religions you created to enslave the people crippled our whole development, social and scientific, ever since.

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  9. Great piece of work, much thx, translated and published.

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