You think that you are free?

By David Preussen 2007

Most people think of slavery as something humans force upon each other, something based on chains, cages and such things. Many are not even aware that there are many different kinds of slavery and that most of them are not based on what humans do to others but our weakness of mind.

Generally spoken, being a slaves means being bound to slavish things, slavish things for example are desire, servitude, or short; anything that restrain us in our freedom. By slavery I make a distinctions into two different kinds of slavery; internal- and external-slavery. Internal-slaves are those that are slaves to their own desires and impulses, those that got enslaved by fellow humans or other external factors not in their control are external-slaves. Internal-slavery arises out of a weakness of mind, external-slavery out of dependence.

“Some things are in our control and others not. Things in our control are opinion, pursuit, desire, aversion, and, in a word, whatever are our own actions. Things not in our control are body, property, reputation, command, and, in one word, whatever are not our own actions. The things in our control are by nature free, unrestrained, unhindered; but those not in our control are weak, slavish, restrained, belonging to others. Remember, then, that if you suppose that things which are slavish by nature are also free, and that what belongs to others is your own, then you will be hindered. You will lament, you will be disturbed, and you will find fault both with gods and men. But if you suppose that only to be your own which is your own, and what belongs to others such as it really is, then no one will ever compel you or restrain you.” — Epictetus, Enchiridion (55-135b.c.)

Sadly, today we are all slaves in one way or another. External-slaves to usury, interest and the plutocratic systems that were forced upon us and internal-slaves to our desires, addictions, wishes and last but not least, instincts. Infact I believe that some races were in their entire history never free, not because others enslaved them but because they never reached the required self-control and awareness level to gain freedom from their desires and low-level instincts. As long as one is driven by factors like hunger, thirst, and other desires he is not free for such a man does not do things out of free will but of want and/or need.


For example, a man does not usually go on a toilet because of his free will, a man goes there because his body commands him to. A man only fallowing the commands of his body and instincts is simply in no way more free than a man fallowing the commands of his master for a servant is a servant no matter whom he serves. It’s the same with hunger, thirst, sexual desires, or addictions, someone addicted to hard drugs like heroin for example is no less a slave than an externally-enslaved African was some centuries ago.

Animals therefore are never free for animals are only driven by needs and wants. Being free requires free will and free will requires freedom from needs and wants. Full freedom all of the time is therefore an illusion, a dream, because as long as we are bound to our slavish body we have to do slavish things just to stay alive. Having freedom from desires and wants for most of his time is the best a human can hope for.

“Man, in order to think, in order to feel himself free, in order to become man, must be freed from the material cares of daily life.” — Aristotle

Even thought the media and “education” tells as the opposite, I believe in today’s world we are more slaves than at any other time in history. We only don’t wear visible chains anymore! Not so long ago most people were independent, even most peasants were independent to some degree. They were not rich but independent and self-sufficient. A man was rather poor but independent than a servant! That was before advertising, centralization and consumerism destroyed the social and economical structure of society.

True happiness is something that arises from a certain state of mind or being, not external gods. Trying to fill the emptiness inside with external gods only leads deeper into slavery. Just ask a drug addict!


Today we are all servants, the middle class is dying and all the wealth is centralized in fewer and fewer hands. A “free market” and all those things are mere illusions, no matter what we do we serve the people which control the access to resources and wealth. Instead of cages and chains we got interest, taxes, inflation, desires, wants and needs to keep us down.

And it gets worse, our world rulers are currently replacing those people and races that reached the required level of awareness to gain some freedom from their desires, wants and impulses with those that have not. Eternal-Slavery, external and internal, seems to be what they have in mind for the world.

“It is characteristic of a tyrant to dislike every one who has dignity or independence; he wants to be alone in his glory.” — Aristotle, Politics


~ by metadave on July 12, 2007.

10 Responses to “Slavery”

  1. “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the
    all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.”

    — Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) Author Source: Forward to ‘Brave New World’, 1932

  2. Some still believe they live in a democracy^^

  3. great post today,really opened my mind up a little more…i could already see this…as i once said in one of my song lyrics “9 to 5 is only slavery perfected” ….wish people caught that one more,cuz they slept right through it as it seems….thats what most people do with everything anyway…Sicko came out,completely exposing the horrendous health care system in the US,and its already out of theatres…people just dont care enough….sometimes i wonder if the plight for freedom and the fight to erase injustices and world government is a worthy one,when most of the people have no clue about these most vital times in our world history…theyre simply sleeping,concerned with the daily bullshit on tv and in their meaningless slave jobs….People need to get over all this materialistic propaganda and start thinking about real issues,such as the future of human life. ha….im still gonna keep spreading truth,in hopes it inspires change in those people that are completely brainwashed by the powers that be…again,nice article today.

  4. Do we really have a choice? I mean truth can’t be “unlearned”, we are like this awakened guy Plato describes in his example of “The Cave”. We know the mirror images and illusons for for they are, illusions, comparable to a children which realised that Santa isn’t real.

    Because we know that those things, including Santa, are not real, these things are more or less meaningless for us. Just like playing with toys, building cattle’s of sand and such things at some point or stage of their development become meaningless for children/teens.

    PS: I’m glad someone could get something out of it. It’s so sad, there is so much ignorance in the world and there is only so few I can do about it.

    Plato – The Cave

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  6. Throughout history just about every class and culture have been enslaved at one time or another.

    You’re missing the big picture. Slavery has been around since the dawn of man. Remember the Egyptians and Hebrews, Roman slaves. So blaming slavery on a certain minority, race, religion is stupid. People enslaved other people; every race has been enslaved before. Races have been enslaved by their own race. So the only people to blame are humans. We do things like that to each other. Slavery, the blame can go both ways. Back then people didn’t think like we do now. They weren’t concerned about 150 years into the future and where slaves would end up. They were just concerned about what would keep them alive then. Slavery was a franchise and a monopoly.

  7. You don’t really get it, you do not understand what freedon truly means, I don’t blame you for you are a Jew. Your people never reached the required mental stage to gain true freedom, that’s why you do so much harm to the world and everyone else.

    You are slaves to the internal demons you can not control. And you know what? You are lost because if you’ll ever gain the required awareness level to understand those things, the weight of your guilt and consciousness would simply not allow you to continue living.

  8. ” For example, a man does not usually go on a toilet because of his free will, a man goes there because his body commands him to.”
    Apparently Metadave has not heard of toilet training.

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  10. […] has dignity or independence; he wants to be alone in his glory." — Aristotle, Politics Source __________________ In times of universal deceit the love of truth becomes the most radical of […]

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