NBC News: Chemtrails over California

“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” — Otto von Bismarck

Just jsm (jew-stream-media) damage control but it shows that the “secret” isn’t a secret any-longer. I do not believe it to be about fighting global warming, rather the opposite! I noticed that both, temperature and air humility, usually rise sharply after they start spraying that junk. At least here in Germany!

And they spray at night too! What is their excuse for that? Reflecting the moon light back into space or what?

Something smells very fishy here! I would say we either have to take our governments back soon or leave our poisoned countries for good. Leave and reproduce! Japan for example is a nice civilised place without chemtrails!

~ by metadave on July 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “NBC News: Chemtrails over California”

  1. […] News: Chemtrails over California (Video) Video Just jsm (jew-stream-media) damage control but it shows that the “secret” isn’t a secret […]

  2. wow…amazing..i had no idea this was going on RIGHT NOW..in the US,as well as many other countries…this is ridiculous…so,no public discussion,no public vote,no nothing….just go ahead,spray the shit out of the atmosphere with chemicals….thats great,go ahead and fuck with nature’s delicate balance….this is why the world is reacting the way it is,because of these unnatural chemtrails which are in essence controlling the weather patterns…i love how a group of people can be so arrogant as to play with nature and the way way the world works….and completely keeping this secret,or at least definitely not being too loud about it…..and i walk around wondering my nose is congested most of the time..awesome….thanks for the enlightenment.

  3. I would not call it “amazing” to get sprayed with chemical junk like mere bugs but yeah, that’s the cureent situation. I’m currently 25 and this year we had the worst summer here in Germany I can remember! We only had 3 or 4 good days and that way between March and May, as a tourist I would currently not want to travel to Europe! It’s like in a bad b-movie!

    PS: I had the same problem with my nose till I bought an air cleaner. I cost me around 150€ but at least since then my nose is free again. Inhaling heavy metals and nano particle all day is not the healthiest thing to do.

  4. In China the gov’t is already experimenting with climate change. They release certain chemicals in the cloud to make it rain. THIS IS TRUE I saw this on Daily Planet today.

    Furthermore i would like to question the integrity of a smalltown news station looking for a big story. And they people interviewed about the cloud were rarely anything more than a common citizen.

  5. We can stop all this with orgonite, a simple technology invented by a German, Wilhelm Reich. I’ve done it, and it cleared my area of that bullshit.

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