Aristotle on Justice (Video)

A small part of “Nicomachean Ethics” on the subject of justice. It’s sad that many people today are so ignorant that they believe themselves to be so smart and educated that they don’t need listen to a guy who already died more than 2000 years ago! How ignorant they are!

Could there be a more clear sign of genius than the ability to create what has timeless value? To create timeless knowledge, a philosopher has to reach out to the absolute truth, for only truth does never change, and thus never looses it’s value. That’s what constitutes the main difference between a philosopher and a mere ideologist, the “truths” of the ideologist have constantly to be re-adjusted whenever they come in contact with reality, the unchanging object of knowledge, or whenever time went by and changed the external appearances, the ever changing object of opinion and the ideologist, mere shadows of reality changing with the light.

Even thought I do not agree in all areas with Aristotle, he was definitely one of the greatest metaphysical minds the world has seen.

[livevideo id=ADD30F2CFA284FB2867CBF461B9F423A/aristotle-on-justice.aspx]

“This is why we do not allow a man to rule, but rational principle, because a man behaves thus in his own interests and becomes a tyrant. The magistrate on the other hand is the guardian of justice, and, if of justice, then of equality also.”
— Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

How did we ever get from “rational principle” to modern injustice aka Roman law?


~ by metadave on July 17, 2007.

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