Chemtrails over Morrorwind

Something is wrong in Morrorwind

Chemtrails over Morrorwind 01

Something is going on in Morrorwind the land of the Dunmer (Dark Elf’s). In Morrorwind a strange phenomenon can be observed lately which the Dunmer call “chemtrails”. No one really knows what is going on in the Eastern province of Cyrodil and the wildest rumors are spreading around like a wildfire. When the phenomenon started it uncertain, some say it just started recently while others believe that it’s already going on for years.

The official explanation for the phenomenon is that those “chemtrails” are not “chemtrails” but normal “consistent magictrails”, the residue of mages flying around with levitation spells. The problem with that explanation lies in the fact that levitation spells and the magictrails they produce are already with us since at least the last great war but so called “consistent magictrails” are only a very recent phenomenon.

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We know that normal “magictrails” are caused by the reactions of the magic residue of the spells used for flying around with the environment. Those magictrails usually disappear in a matter of minutes while those “chemtrails” are consistent and can stay for hours.

There is no lack of possible explanations, mostly conspiracy theories, and stuff like that. Most people believe it either to be about weather experiments, population control, or population reduction. Some claim that those “chemtrails” are somehow responsible for the current spreading of new or improved diseases like the “corpus disease” and other plags and others say they are spraying us with “evil metals” from Oblivion. Some believe it’s a bit of both but no one is really sure what is going on.

So many open questions and no good answers. Is the current mass extinction of species on Morrorwind — like the honey bird for example — somehow related to the “chemtrails”? Are they related to the diminishing birth rates? Or the widespread retardation of the population?

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One thing is for sure and that is that more and more people on Morrorwind are getting pissed of to say the least. This year for example the “summer” in Morrorwind was one of the worst in recorded history! No sun, no blue sky, just those ugly gray soup every day! Mage guild, fighter guild, it seems they are all involved and at denial! They still claim that those “chemtrails” do not even exist! Do they really expect the people to believe them instat of their own eye’s?

Will the Dunmer rise up against what is going on before it’s to late? It seems that revolution is the only solution in Morrorwind!

~ by metadave on July 25, 2007.

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