On the Nature of Scorpions and Turtles

“Because it is in my nature,” replied the scorpion as they sank beneath the waters.


By David Preussen

The impression that behavior is more equally shared among different races than other traits is eventually an illusion. There are things not all of us can do, some humans are bound by internal checks like consciousness, shame, empathy, others are not.

Those internal checks for our behavior are much stronger and more restricting in some way than laws could ever be. A human bound by those restrictions does not need laws or fear of external punishment to behave civilized for he is bound by internal laws, his consciousness his own judge, shame and dishonor what he fears the most. Humans not bound by those are only barely keeping there internal instincts and desires in check by fear of external punishment, fear of pain. Just like animals.

“they are inferior, inasmuch as they do what they do not from shame but from fear, and to avoid not what is disgraceful but what is painful” — Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics

Such barbarians learn how to behave by punishment and pain, like animals. They are therefore bad leaders, for ones they are above the law and thus safe from punishment, they become tyrants of the worst kind because they have no internal checks which could regulate their behavior apart from the fear of pain.

“For these do not by nature obey the sense of shame, but only fear, and do not abstain from bad acts because of their baseness but through fear of punishment; living by passion they pursue their own pleasures and the means to them, and and the opposite pains, and have not even a conception of what is noble and truly pleasant, since they have never tasted it.” — Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics

For example one just has to look at Wolfowitz behavior at the wto to see that he knows neither dignity nor shame and is thus free to behave as disgraceful as he does. Inside he is still a barbarian. Ever heard of the history of the first Ghengis Khan? He killed his 2 or 3 brothers, left his wife behind, hunted down his best friend, all to became the leader of the Mongolians. And afterwards he started one of the greatest and most cruel genocides in human history.

That’s what it means to be free of conscience and remorse, free of feeling guilt or shame. I believe that many Ashkenazi today inside are still like the Mongolians they descended from, not really evil because for being evil one has to be aware of what he is doing. They are more like savage beasts, animals only fallowing their nature.

Those Ashkenazis are like the scorpion in the story that can not control his nature and thus kills himself together with the turtle before reaching the other side. It is not the fault of the scorpion, for the scorpion just fallowed his nature, the fault lies with the turtle for the misassumption that the scorpion could change or control his nature, something he could not do.

When the Ashkenazi had to escape Russia we took them in because we thought that they may change their nature, we were wrong, we had to pay a high price for our misassumption just like the turtle in the story. The Americans repeated the mistake and are currently paying the price for their misassumption as well.

Will humanity as a whole fallow the example of the turtle and the scorpion? Or will the people finally realize before it’s to late that scorpions can not change their nature?


~ by metadave on July 28, 2007.

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