The World like I see it

Deep down in the Rabbit Hole


By David Preussen


Before I even remotely start to describe the world like I see it, let me provide a little introduction into perceptions and reality to clear things up. Some things are and others are not; what sounds so simple is, unfortunately, something beyond the reach of most people. I thought a lot about those things and I must say that I understood at once that our inability to tell mere appearances apart from reality’s, those things that are apart from those that are not, was the root cause of most our differences in opinion.

I believe that most people do not differ very much from a point of what they expect from life, what differs are only their perceptions of reality. One has to keep in mind that what we believe reality to be is nothing more than our perception of it. There is may just one reality, but there are probably almost as many perceptions of it as there are life forms on this planet. How wrote Niccolo Machiavelli in “The Prince; “For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.”

In most cases people have differences with each other the only real difference is their perception of reality, their perceptions differs and thus they jump to different conclusions for our conclusions are not based on reality but only our perception of it. Only thought, the symbiosis of perception and reason, makes it possible to tell appearances apart from realities, something only we humans can do for animals only know perception.

I hope that I could clear things up a little, let me now try to explain how I see certain things. Since reality is a huge subject to say the least, I will only focus on some key areas here. And please keep in mind that it is just my own perception of reality, I’m just a human, absolute reality is something beyond my reach. Said that, I’m still a metaphysician, nothing less. The nature of reality is and always was the subject matter of metaphysics. Basically spoken, metaphysician and philosopher are concerned with those things that are and so I will try to explain how I believe things to be. For like Plato put it; “The philosopher is in love with truth, that is, not with the changing world of sensation, which is the object of opinion, but with the unchanging reality which is the object of knowledge.”

I. Governments, the puppet show

As far as I see things, so called “governments” today are nothing more than a kind of theatre to keep the appearance of democracy. They get the agenda and than they have to sell it to the people somehow. The real decisions are made by people that were never elected by anyone, they pull the strings from behind the scenes. So called politicians these days are more like actors than leaders, their job is to keep the appearance of democracy and an elected government.

II. The illusion of a “free market”

As things appear, the economy today is all but free. The main function of share holders and corporations today is probably to obscure the real ownership of things, hide the real distribution of wealth behind names and faceless entity’s. In reality more than 90% of the wealth is probably already owned by less than 200 people, they are the share holders behind all the corporations. Thanks to their control of currency and recourse’s we can not even define the “value” of things anylonger for value is mainly based on the relationship between currency and resources, supply and demand. Resources are the supply and the currency the demand in today’s world. They control both and thus even the value of things is what they say it is because we simply do not have any objective measures left to define value. How could a fair exchange of gods be even possible under such conditions?

In reality ownership of most of the world is already monopolised in a few hands in a system designed to keep the rest down.

III. Media, the unreality industry

That the media does not mainly exists to inform the people is something most should have already noticed. But what is their real function? The real function of the media is to create wrong impressions and to keep them alive, creating a mirror image of reality. The mirror world of the media for example is the only place where multiculturalism really works, or at least appears to work. The job of the media is to make us believe that war is truly peace, that freedom is slavery. They do that mainly by creating wrong impressions.

You can manipulate people just by creating wrong impressions. For example you can change the behavior of people by elections simply be giving out wrong pre-polls, creating a wrong impression about what the majority of people believes at this point. Most of the sheep will just go along with what the majority things, or what they believe that the majority thinks. By creating a wrong impression of what those majority really believes they can manipulate those people that do not think for themselves but just go along with the majority, the great unthinking mass. They create wrong impressions to make people believe what they want them to believe!

IV. “Education” (Schooling)

I call it schooling because it is not really education for educations main goal is and always was to educate. Today we have schooling which takes more than 10 years out of the life of people but in return can not even provide basic reading and math skills, let alone enlightenment and true understanding. (“Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one’s own understanding without the guidance of another.”) So when schooling does not really educate, what does it do? Schooling does form the mind of people into the shape the controllers of society want it to be. The key to any kind of order is schooling. Our society today does not anylonger match the human nature, schooling makes people match our society. For example a tiger that was born free would probably slowly die in captivity because he could not take it, a tiger already born in captivity on the other hand would consider this state of being to be natural because he simply does not know any other. With humans it pretty much the same, schooling is conditioning the people to accept their own captivity because they simply do not know any other state of being.

When the “industrial revolution” started people rejected the work in factories as inhuman and degrading, factories had to put up guards to keep people from excaping those inhuman work conditions. Work is factories was seen as something very similar to slavery. “How the adaption problem was solved?” Simple, by implanting mass schooling of the population. Schooling was not implanted to educate but to condition the population to accept inhuman and degrading work and living conditions. Since then humans pay the same price tigers in captivity pay for living against their nature for living against ones nature usually leads to psychological problems and defects in the long run, not just by animals in captivity, but by humans as well.

Another goal of schooling is to ensure that people do not reach certain states of mind and thus remain easily to control. People that do not think for themselves are slaves for they would be lost without a master to tell them what to do. True freedom is something only the educated can reach for true freedom is far more depending on ones state of mind than on external circumstances.

Installing prejudice is a nother goal of schooling, “vaccination” against truth!

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.” — Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) Author Source: Forward to ‘Brave New World’, 1932

V. Nationalism

Is is bad or good? Around 60 years ago they were telling us nationalism is good, now the same people tell us it is bad. The only answer is that it is neither, nationalism is neither bad nor good. Let me explain it. Nationalism is neither good nor bad in it self, only the 2 extreme states, lack of nationalism and to much nationalism are bad because both states aim at causing defects and are thus unhealthy for a society. To much nationalism can make people blind for the truth and easily leads to violence and conflicts, a lack of nationalism on the other hand makes people indifferent to their country and thus slowly leads to degrading living conditions because people simply do not care anylonger. Both states are unhealthy for society because both cause defects, the ony healty state in the case of nationalism is a healthy equibrilium, the state between flag waving morons and people that do not care at all.

Patria est communis omnium parens (Our native land is the common parent of us all.) Thou shall honor your parents!

VI. “Elections”, the illusion of choice

Elections are an important factor to keep the people in a state of apathy. Elections today do not change anything of relevance, otherwise they would have outlawed them a long time ago! Elections do mainly exist in order to keep the people from doing the one thing which could change our external reality, namely taking things into their own hands. What kind of “choice” is it to be free to “choose” between pre-selected puppets based on lies? In today’s world no one without money and media support will ever get elected, those people controlling media and wealth therefore control who gets elected and who don’t. It’s quite simply, elections today are a mere illusion of choice. Ron Paul won’t save you, he is one of them!

What puppet is at top simply makes no difference as long as those people controlling the “strings” remain the same. Think of it like a puppet show for children, it’s called puppetry. One guy controlling different puppets to create the impression/appearance of what ever the story may be. “Our” governments are basically nothing else but a puppet show to make us believe we live in a democracy! Why do you think are they all the same in the end? Think ok like replacing a news anchor but keeping the same old news! A new cd player but the same old cd! Those people behind the scenes must be replaced to really make a change, switching only the news anchors without changing the news won’t change a thing! All they do is switching the apparences from time to time and most morons believe it to be real change!

VII. News, story’s from the mirror world

What are news? Most news today are what I call “story’s from the mirror world”. Most so called news today are absolute irrelevant. Of what use are information about things that only appear to be? The answer is simple, they are of no use at all. We have no presidents anymore, no governments and no independence, only in the mirror world it appears like those things are still a reality. For example, when the news tell’s you that the non-president of a non-independent nations does something, what use is it for you? For he is not really a leader and his nation is not really independent, those are mere appearances, he is just a puppet that does what he is told. The rest are just appearances without any hold n the real world.

IIX. “Left” and “Right”

What are the so called “left” and “right”? Do those labels describe genuine points of view or just artificial fractions set up in a kind of never ending antinomy against each other? I came to the conclusions that it’s probably the later. Think of it like a triangle, “left” and “right” opposing each other at the bottom of the triangle while being unaware of the people above that are really the cause of their problems. When hit by a stone, a dog will attack the stone instat of the one responsible for throwing the stone. It’s not the dogs fault, he just can’t comprehend the complete situation. It seems with most humans it’s the same thing.Both, the left and the right, consider the other side responsible for all those things that are wrong in our society. Basically, both sides want the same, the only thing that really differs is their perception of the situation. In the end all that most humans want is to live their life in peace and dignity.

IX. “Ism’s” and other mask’s

“Ism’s” are nothing more than names, placeholder, appearances, mask’s. All labels that can be switched freely are only mask’s. Nationality? Religion? Name? Emotions? Those are all just mask’s! Communism, facism or capitalism? Again, just mask’s! You can not fight communism, nor can you fight fascism or capitalism. How are you gonna fight against ideas and mask’s? It’s the same with “war on terror”, you can not fight against “ism’s”, you can only fight against people! Those bad people are using “ism’s” and other mask’s to hide behind, therefore as long as people only focus on the mask’s and not the people behind the evil will just continue.

Just think of the history of propaganda, propaganda had not always a bad name you must know. And do you know what they did ones propaganda had a bad name? They did not stop to use propaganda, they just invented new names for it! Today we call is “public relations” or just “PR”, it’s still propaganda, they just don’t call it propaganda anymore. The same happened with napalm ones it had a bad name, they did not stop to use it, they invented new names for it! The people in Iraq can tell! With communism and most other mask’s it’s the same, they are still in use and all that changed were the names, the labels on the package.

As long as we don’t start fighting the people behind those evil ideas instat of the mere “labels” they will just keep on switching the labels from time to time to make us believe that things really changed. Napalm is in no way less nasty just because it got a new name! Like the French economist and metaphisician Proudhon put it; “Remember only, and never forget, that pity, happiness, and virtue, like country, religion, and love, are masks.”

X. Democracy

The question is not if democracy is something good or bad, that’s out of question, but is democracy currently even possible? Real democracy requires that people are capable of making the right choices, and making the right choices requires that people are informed. One just has to look at the sorry state of our society to see that real democracy would not be possible because most people today are simply to ignorant to know what’s good for them and what is not. What we have today is therefore not democracy, for democracy does not work with ignorant morons, what we have is a kind of plutocracy with the appearance of democracy, some call it “bourgeoisie democracy”, a pseudo-democratic-representative form of government.

Real democracy requires informed and civilised people to work, representative “democracy”, the last form of tyranny among man like Proudhon called it, on the other hand requires ignorant morons that can be exploited. Take a closer look at the people of a society and you know in what kind of system they are living.


Things are really bad and the inability of most people to tell those things that are apart from those that only appear to be, is the main reason why we can not solve our problems, currently people can not even agree on what our problems truly are. In this matter it’s not about race, religion or nationality, it’s about the inability to tell things that are apart from those that only appear to be. In the end most people do what they believe to be is right, the problem lies with the fact that what they believe to be is right is solely based on their perception of reality, not reality it-self.

Our inability to find a common ground as species mainly arises from our inability to reach a common impression of reality. One should always try to keep in mind that in most cases things are not like they appear to be, and like the German philosopher Hegel observed; “The state of man’s mind, or the elementary phase of mind which he so far possesses, conforms precisely to the state of the world as he so far views it.”

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~ by metadave on August 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “The World like I see it”

  1. “The matrix has you”

  2. Welcome to the real world Neo 🙂

  3. Ron Paul isn’t one them, he opposes any form of socialism communism Oligarchy he is all about property rights & freedom. Ron Paul isnt out save any one, only restore the republic. Grassroots efforts by individuals is what will save folk & nation. I thinks its jewish to say he is one of them with no bias to prove it. His actions speak for the people who resist tyranny.

  4. You are very naive, what do you think is his real purpose? He is simply the damage control guy whos’ job it is to restore trust in the non-existent democracy and to keep the people from taking those steps which might actually could produce results. In todays world people they do not control do not even get negative-publicity! They control both sides and so they can totally dictate the direction everything takes.

    Artificial thesis + artificial anti-thesis = artificial synthesis = total control

    The resistance movement of Emanuel Goldstein is only fake!

  5. these are fair opinions, but where is your proof?

    • He clearly states that he’s explaining a worldview here. His personal perception reality. His worldview includes the idea that all other worldviews are apparent and valid. How we view the world IS the world.

  6. I agree with basically everything you’ve said here. The true ruler of this world is unseen and has created our present government, media, etc to hide his identity. As a student of the bible, I disagree with your belief that Jewish people are a part of that rulership. They are simply pawns as well. 1 john 5:19 says “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” referring to satan the devil. Many people scoff at the idea of the devil being real, but it explains many of the issues you have seen with society. And who else could so easily control so many people, in so many different institutions, for so many centuries?

  7. Well now. Look who turned out to be correct. Where are you now meta Dave? What’s your take on this dystopian future we are living in? This has all just come to light this year 2021. How so many people are just playing along with their game is astounding.

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