On the nature of scorpions and turtles (Video)

“Because it is in my nature,” replied the scorpion as they sank beneath the waters.”

[livevideo id=653286DB9B9A4FD0A34047D50ECF7267]

A short docuumentation exploring the human nature.

~ by metadave on August 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “On the nature of scorpions and turtles (Video)”

  1. A lot of people don’t want to believe that there is a genetic basis for people’s morality. Christianity teaches us that anyone can choose to be “good” (altrustic, honest, kind, moral) or “bad” (dishonest, criminal, selfish, immoral.) There is evidence that criminal behavior runs in families, however some people attribute this to the parental evidence, but I’m not convinced..I would like to see more research done on this subject..

  2. There exist mountains of crime statistics which pretty much contradict the christian point of view, property crimes may be contributed to poverty, but when it comes to plain violence for the sake of violence, or crimes like rape, poverty can not be used as excuse for such actions, only a lack of self control can. Gang rape for example was something basically unknown in Europe till they started flooding us with people from third world nations! In Europe those countries with the highest rates of immigrants are those with the highest crime rates, the crime statistics actually look so bad for the all are equal thesis that they usually call people “racist” or “hater” just for talking about them at all! They know that they have no excuse for those horrible statistics and so they just ignore them and hope they will go away.

    Cesare Lombroso (1836 – 1909), the founder of criminology, believed that criminals were throwbacks to man’s ancestral past. He concluded that frontal-lobe dysfunction was associated with violent behavior, including rape and that “natural-born criminals” could be identified by anatomical signs of primitiveness.

    PS: Have a look (warning politically incorrect)

  3. (4:25:48 AM) Jamal Majzoub: demoralization, people being taught up is down and down is up and when you try to prove them, with science machines and lazer beams, they will NOT accept it because theyeve been trained to close their minds
    (4:25:57 AM) Jamal Majzoub: thats the problem with everyone else
    (4:25:59 AM) Jamal Majzoub: lol
    (4:26:09 AM) Jamal Majzoub: seriously, i got a youtube for you
    (4:26:29 AM) Jamal Majzoub: and watch it, listen to the guy, and then, think of how the implications and ripple effects would go out, from someone not having any morals
    (4:26:39 AM) Jamal Majzoub: its not that they are evil
    (4:26:44 AM) Jamal Majzoub: they have no real concept of truth or good

    was explaining something to a friend earlier, about the understanding this website had given me, no insight would be a clearer take on it…

    pretty much everything i saw in the video…


    i hate scorpions

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