On Behavior Anthropology and the Jews

Disease or human?

question mark

By David Preussen

I’m currently working on something I call “behavior anthropology”, a new branch of anthropology that attempts to specify life forms based on behavior pattern. Behavior developed, and still develops, similar to other traits, based on the external circumstances. Based on existing pattern in group behavior it should be possible to a certain degree to get information about the past of people, their place of origin, way of life, and similar factors. Reader should keep in mind that those are mostly things a DNA test can not tell. To more exactly specify different species and races is another goal of behavior anthropology.

At the present science checks the DNA and the physiology of life forms to specify them, but what about behavior pattern? Have things to be the same just because they look similar on the outside? I don’t think so, as a philosopher, I learned that appearances can be misleading and that it’s usually much more important what’s beneath the surface.

I started with attempting to closer specify the Jews, and that’s where my problems started. Jews resemble in many ways more a disease than humans or related species. It’s there behavior; always aiming at producing inequality and thus defects, they create an environment that is pretty much unsuited for everyone else. With diseases it’s pretty similar, there are aerobic- and anaerobic life forms, aerobic life-forms need a healthy, oxygen rich environment to dwell, anaerobic life-forms need the opposite, an unhealthy environment. To some anaerobic life-forms an oxygen rich environment is even toxic! Cancer and many other diseases are anaerobic, they create the unhealthy conditions they need to dwell, the creation of those unhealthy conditions is what makes people infected feeling sick.

What do Jews do? Aiming at producing defects! A state of inequality in a society for example is nothing but a defect! Most Jewish mal-practises like usury, money lending and other aim at producing inequality, thus producing defects. Immigration? Globalisation? Multiculturalism? Those are all means to cause defects either directly or in-directly by causing more inequality.

War-like conditions, inequality, injustice, hate, distrust, violence, those are are all conditions unsuited for humans to dwell, they are unhealthy for they aim at producing defects. But with Jews it’s different, they create those conditions willingly, not just for others, but for them-self as well! Jews behave thus very similar to anaerobic-diseases, their relationship to most of the other mammals resembles them between anaerobic and aerobic organism, total antagonism. Just like most humans and other mammels prefer a natural organic environment in a kind of equilibrium with nature when given the chance, most Jews prefer a urban-like an-organic environment separated from nature. The majority of Jews today lives in Tel Aviv and New York, both are rather cold and an-organic places.


How to specify them? How to make the distinctions between them and other mammals like humans? The distinctions in behavior are to great to be ignored, but simultaneously, the similarities in points of DNA and anthropology are to overwhelming to specify them as a own species. As for now, I shall specify them as a kind of “defect”, a defective part of the human species for they aim at producing defects be it consciously or unconsciously.


~ by metadave on August 18, 2007.

9 Responses to “On Behavior Anthropology and the Jews”

  1. Long live the Jews. It is proven that Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than all the rest of mankind. Their persecution was and is rooted in envy. I wanna marry an Ashkenazi Jew. Those hating the jews want a worst humanity.

  2. just in their self created kosher-dreamworld.

    “The most common misperception in the US today about jews is that they are “intelligent”, with IQs of 115, compared to Whites of 100 and blacks of 85. How did this happen, since it was US immigration policy which was based on IQs just 77 years ago that caused many jews to be refused admission to the US?”

  3. Hi, I think you are a fucking idiot. You sound smart, but you are an idiot. A bonehead posing as a philosopher. I guess we cooked ourselves in the ovens and not Hitler? Do you think we have devil horns as well? Did you get ass raped by a jew or something, is this why you hate us so bad?

  4. What ovens? You mean where they made the “jew-soap” and the “jew-lampshades”? Filthy lying pest!

  5. What ovens!? You deny the Holocaust and then expect to be taken seriously? I’ve never heard anything about soap or lampshades, but the concentration camps were well documented. Aside from the ovens, there were also conducted a great deal of medical experiments which, although they greatly advanced out understanding of medicine, were intolerably inhumane and could hardly be considered science. You want to believe that one of the most persecuted groups in history is somehow in charge of everything and the root of inequality in all societies? I hope you’re having fun, because you’re a joke.

  6. bla bla bla.. Saddam has wmd’s! They are throwing baby’s out of incubators!

    Filthy lying pest! ( it’s not that I deny the holocaust, I have to believe after all!)

  7. The shills are here. Don’t let them let you down! The other thing you have to watch out when someone wants to support your work by financial means, they could be Jews. Keep up the work. How can I contact you?

  8. Preussen@hush.com

  9. Most Jewish mal-practises like usury, money lending and other aim at producing inequality, thus producing defects. Immigration? Globalisation? Multiculturalism? Those are all means to cause defects either directly or in-directly by causing more inequality.
    – What the hell?! It’s called banking and I can assure you it’s not just the Jew’s involved in banking! If you’re talking Merchant of Venice-style money lending you might want to refer back to your highschool history books where it is blatantly obvious that the Jews were so heavily discriminated against and oppressed that money lending was one of the few careers they could participate successfully in, but even if it was immoral back in the day, have you not noticed how many people have benefitted and been made successful from LOANS. In the banks defense it is obvious that you cannot just hand out loans to any random freak. Oh my word. IMMIGRATION? GLOBALISATION? MULTICULTURALISM??? Well you go ahead and go live in a little community cordonned off to the rest of the world. You’ll do more good to the world where you can’t do anything. That will be all, because unlike you, I have a life and need to go live it. God I wish I had the time to tell you exactly what I think.

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