On seeds, progress, and the evolution of knowledge


Today I had one of those short moments of insight, one of those split seconds when everything seems to become clear just before the vision get blurry again. Socrates believed that inside all of us there is a kind of “plug” that makes it possible to sap from an endless source of knowledge, and that some can make use of it, and others don’t. I can not know if it is true or not, probably no one can, but I know that sometimes for a second or less I got moments of insight, short moments when things become clear. I can not always make use of it, or even comprehend what I have seen in my mind, but the majority of things or ideas I came up with so far in my life were more or less based on those small moments of insight when for a split second or less the brain overcomes it’s limitation and reaches out for the absolute truth. I can not tell if it’s something inside us or something external, but there exist somethings that provides us with the ability to reach absolute truth, that is “absolute perception”.

Today for a short moment I gained a glimpse on the absolute truth. What is progress? How does life proceed? The answer to those question is “knowledge”, progress is nothing else but the evolution of knowledge.

And knowledge and ideas are like seeds, plant them and maybe something will grows out of it. Historically most thinker did not see the day when their ideas got realized in their life time, most died absolutely ignorant about the influence they had on the world, all they did was planting the seeds of future thought, future progress. Knowledge and ideas resemble seeds in many ways, they are the results, or products, of prior-thoughts just like they are the matter from which new thoughts arise in the same way that seeds are simultaneously the product of prior-life just like they are the matter from which future life arises. Knowledge and ideas are the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega of progress.

True progress is nothing else but the evolution of knowledge. When life evolves all that really involves are the information in the DNA, the knowledge and ideas of life it-self. It appears that the evolution of life and the evolution of knowledge fallows the same rules, some in the past called it “the natural order of things”. The power of thought is the power of evolution, the power to become a creator.

~ by metadave on September 6, 2007.

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