Post Soviet Europe

A view in the future


It’s some-when after the year 2025 here in post-soviet Europe. The economy is in ruin and civil wars have broken out in many parts of Europe between the native populations and those that were once brought in as immigrants. In Germany and Greece it’s the Turks, in France the Arabs, and in GB the Pakistanis that have started to fights for independence after the EU ceased to function. Starvation and diseases are commen since economy and the health sector have collapsed and most people today could not survive without aid from the UN. Access to clean water is another major problem thanks to our now almost gone industry and all the poisons that were released into the environment.

Education and academia are basically death as well in most parts of Europe. Well, there are some UN camps which still provide basic education for those lucky enough to get a place there.

No food, no education, no future. That’s our current state of affairs here in post-Soviet Europe. Getting out somehow is the only kind of chance for most of us. In Greater Israel for example there is always a need for female sex slaves or male shabath-goys. For parents selling their children has become a commen practise. I also heard rumors about cannibalism, I can not say if they are true or not, but I would not be the least bit surprised if they were true. I heard of similar cases in the first Soviet union, of signs telling people that “eating your children is an act of barbarism”.

Today I spent most of my time trying to get food, no, I do not eat other people. In the old times when food was still more plenty I was a vegetarian… nowadays I have to eat dogs, rats and birds to survive! Still better than eating your own children I guess… Sometimes it really hurts to see what has become of Europe which was once the center of civilisation offering the highest standard of living the world. It’s almost a good thing that the daily search for food doesn’t leave much time to think about such things. In the days of old I was a philosopher, today I repair things and exchange weed for food to make a living. Since the value of our currency fell below paper value, food, drugs and gasoline have become our replacement-currency.

Survival has become a full time job, ex-specially for white people like my-self which have become a minority in most parts of post-Soviet Europe. The average “European” today is usually brown and around 1,70cm in height with an average IQ below 90. In the world of today it has become hard to imagine the life of prior generations when Europe was still a place of culture, art, enlightenment, and prosperity. There was once a place known as Prussia where my ancestors lived, now it’s just a distant memory of the past. And I fear that civilisation and white Europeans will soon be nothing but a memory of the past as well.

Why did people not listen to those voices that warned that this would happen? Why didn’t they learn anything from the history of the first Soviet union where things developed almost identically? Why do we have to repeat the misery? “History teaches us that history teaches us nothing”, Hegel once wrote and it seems like reality just proved right, again.

I will soon have to stop writing for today since the 6 hours of electricity are almost over and I’m out of candles. May the god’s be with us.

~ by metadave on September 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Post Soviet Europe”

  1. “The fallacy is to believe that under a dictatorial government you can be free inside. [. . .] The greatest mistake is to imagine that the human being is an autonomous individual. The secret freedom of the mind which you can supposedly enjoy under a despotic government is nonsense, because your thoughts are never entirely your own.”,
    — George Orwell, As I Please, 28 April 1944

  2. I can see that everyday on all those zombies around me, they never started to think for themselves, they get told what “their” points of view are. Usually in a way designed to really make them believe those to be their “own” points of view.

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