Ashkenazis building pyramid in Germany!

Babylon is comming…


A group in Dessau, Germany, has received funds and famed architect Rem Koolhaas as an adviser in its quest to build the world’s largest structure.

Dubbed a “monument for all of us” the new “Great Pyramid,” which is estimated would take about 30 years to complete, would be about 1,900 feet tall and 10 times larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt, according to the Great Pyramid’s Web site.

Instead of being a monument to only a few individuals, Germany’s Great Pyramid would be a communal tomb open to anyone regardless of nationality or denomination. It would offer burial space in the form of a “tomb container with ashes of the deceased” and engraved “memorial stones” with time capsules to store personal memorabilia.

Stealing an ancient design and calling it “art” What has Germany to do with pyramids? What is this project good for? Stealing the design idea and tourists from Egypt to make them hate us? Pyramids do not even fit into the Northern European environment. But it gets even better!

The project has been given starter funding by the “Future of Labor” program of the government-backed German Federal Cultural Foundation.

They use our tax money to pay Jews to build a pyramid in our country! I mean what have pyramids to do with European culture? Don’t get me wrong, the pyramids in Egypt are a wonder and one day I want to visite them but that does not change the fact that we do not need pyramids in Europe! Pyramids are not part of our culture and they do not even fit into the environment!

Here’s a picture of the Ashkenazi building this babylonian monstrosity with our money:

Free Image Hosting at

Rem Koolhaas

It shows again that Ashkenazi are incapable of creating things, they can only imitate what others created. Tel Aviv in Israel is already one of the most ugly cities in the world because it’s architecture lacks conformity and does not fit into the environment. And those traitors occupying our government pay them to re-design our country!

~ by metadave on September 16, 2007.

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