On the difference between dogs and man


And no, this is not meant to be a physiological comparison between actual dogs and man, what I will try to do here is to provide a psychological comparison between free man and domesticated ones, the later which I’ll call “dogs” here.

“Why is that important or related to anything of significance you may ask?” The answer is simply; a free society can only work with free man, totalitarian system on the other hand only with dogs. One of our main problems today is that we have become a society of dogs who know neither dignity nor self-control, a society full of docile imbeciles. In ex-communist countries the situation is even worse than in the west! The thing is that dogs will not stand up to make a difference, they are like little girls who do what they are told. Hence dogs are the kind of citizens our brave new world needs.

The main differences between dogs and man can be found in a few key areas, and even thought those areas are few, they have a huge impact on overall behavior. Those key areas are; self-control, self-esteem, pride, dignity, independence, the thirst for freedom, and will.

A free man knows pride and dignity and is his own master, a dog does neither understand nor care for such things and is not his own master but a servant of some kind. A free man will stand up to fight for his right and freedom, a dog is not interested in such things, and even if he is, however unlikely that may be, he lacks the willpower to stand up on his own account. A dog only needs food, something to do, and shelter. And as long as he does not starve, he will not turn against his master. A free man may gives his life to fight for his freedom, a dog will run away whenever the fear of his enemy becomes greater than the fear of his master. The reason for this is simple; a free man does not fear death, he only fears a shameful death! But a dog will do anything no matter how shameful it may be to stay alive, for a dog simply lacks the willpower and self-control to overcome his survival instinct. A free man rather dies on his feet than to live on his knees.

Historically women always were “dogs”, that’s why they were not seen as equal. In the world today women and man are seen as equal, the problem is that women have not really become equal to man, but man were dumbed down to become equal to women. Hence, today man and women are equally dogs and that’s why we have become a society of slaves, for a dog is nothing but a slave. Historically man were those who took up arms to fight for what is right, fight against oppression, women never did that, for women and dogs simply lack the spirit. As conqueror you do not have to give a shit about women or dogs, all a conqueror has to do to stay in control is to slaughter all man between 15-35 years of age, all those capable to resist him.

This simple fact did not change in thousands of years! Today we tell man that they are equal to women, equal to dogs. From childhood on we thread boys similar to girls, and no, we do not thread girls like boys, we started to thread boys like girls! The problem is that man are not really equal to women by birth, they can only be made equal, and the way to make them equal is by dumbing down the man.

“I am sure that, on the one hand, the Rothschilds appreciate the merits of Marx, and that on the other hand, women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work and live at the beat of the drum”

– Bakunin (1814-1876), 19th century Russian revolutionary

This whole “gender equality” stuff started in the first Soviet union, the modeling of man into dogs, which, similar to women, do not resist against their oppressors, was the plan all along.

~ by metadave on October 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “On the difference between dogs and man”

  1. Absolutely true. In a democraty, women are ball and chain for a the nation, because they will never vote for a party which trys to make the nation free from jews. And as they represent 50 % of the people, a nation who gives women the right to vote, is owned.

    A french thinker, Alain Soral, has noticed that more and more, TV journalists and tv announcers are young women. Jews put them here because they know they are completely ignorant of quite every important things, and always stay at the psychological level, when they analyse a political problem, so, are very malleable.

  2. Yep, that’s why women were always the better communists! They neither think to deeply nor ask to many questions, they are told and than they “know”.

    I mean, generelly, why do we consider the roughly 18% difference in points of body weight and muscles between man and women reason enough to not consider them equal when it comes to sports, but the equal difference in brain size and weight we ignore? Does anybody really believe that the 18% difference in brain size and weight does not make a difference?

    I at least know not even of one single female philosopher, and discrimination can not be given us reason here because a philosopher pretty much does not need anything but his natural capacity. Anybody capable to think can become a philosopher, Epictetus for example was a Roman slave but still a philosopher.

    Women are pretty much incapable to tell the difference between those things that are and those which only appear to be, that’s why they believe what they are told. Mixed education simply takes for many males the chance away to develop those capacties, because to arrive at gender equality, all those things were taking out of education.

  3. Before judging women, take note that they are doubly the victim of slavery. They carrying the burden of shame for their gender from birth, then being miseducated and not being given the choice of thinking for themselves, being humiliated and rebuked by the men who are supposed to be their protector aand lastly by society constantly brainwashing them into being stupid dolls.
    Sadly whenever a woman with brains emerges and fights back, she is automatically erradicated from history. This is a man’s world, and what I see in your text is a clear example on how “you” are still a slave by not seeing and understanding the deeper layers of the human emotional being. Unfortunately very few infos exist on the women that tried making a difference, because lets face it : it suits men to keep women under. And by doing so, you are spreading the slave mentality. Thus inconsciously helping your master. It’s all in the habit.

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