Arthur Schopenhauer – On the suffering of the world (Video)

Something I found by chance.

Some consider the German philosopher Schopenhauer as pessimist, others as realist. I consider him an interesting fellow even thought I do not agree with him on all point. He apparently did not understand or see the difference between things in our control and things which are not in our control. People who do not understand this difference and thus try to effect things not in their control are bound to experience failure and misery and thus usually develop pessimistic views on life and society. A man can not effect those things not in his control and therefore reality will more often than not fail to meet his expectations as long as he does not understand that some things are simply not in his control.

Man can not fully control his life for there are simply to many factors not in his control, but man can control what he expects from life. Man knows no objectivity, only from the difference between what is, and how he expected things to be, man judges what is good and what is miserable. As long as one controls his expectations he will never experience misery no matter how miserable his life for others may looks like.

For a further look into the subject matter:

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