The Great Chessboard


“What can we do?” That’s a question people asked me many times. I’ll try to provide an overview of what we need in order to get into a position that makes it possible for us to act and effect the “game”, the “great chessboard”. Explaining the rules and nature of things is my subject matter after all.

The metaphysics of the game

Like in every game there appear to be 3 ways to participate in it; as player, spectator, or mere piece on the board. The first difference to other games is that the spectator status here is only illusory, since the “great chessboard” includes our whole world and there are no external spectator positions outside of the game, you are either a player or a piece on the board. And the difference between player and pieces on the board should be clear even without that I have to explain it; player effect the game, our external reality, they set and change the rules and the pieces on the board thus dance to their commands. The mere pieces on the board can only effect very little, they may have their own consciousness and the ability to move in different directions, but in the end they have to react to the external circumstances the players set before them. Taxes, laws, or wars for example are such “external circumstances” the players create to effect the great chessboard and the pieces on it. The pieces on the board are basically the subjects of the player, their reality his playing field.

But as powerful as they may appear, the players are no gods for they exercise no direct power, the power of the players is solely based on their ability to make the pieces on the board do what they want them to do.

The means to play it

Here we come to the basics of strategy, the “game” after all fallows the basis laws of warfare known at least since Sun Tzu. Generally spoken, playing the game means competing with the other fractions. And that the weak can not compete with the strong, the few not with the many, is hopefully something I do not have to explain in length here. Speaking in the absolute, required to play the game are the means to keep the fractions of the other player[s] at bay. And since what is required to keep the others at bay can change with time based on technological development and other factors, so change the requirements to play the game. As far as a fraction is so weak that it can not defend it-self, it’s a mere subject to those with the means to destroy it. The leader of a fractions that can not defend it-self is therefore not a “player” in the game but only the first of a bunch of pieces.

In the beginning of mankind every caveman basically could become a “player”, more than a stick and becoming leader of a small community of caveman was not necessary to effect the game in those times. But like in other areas of society, the “game” slowly transformed from a system with open access to a close access system controlled by fewer and fewer people. In our time required to keep the other player[s] at bay are a decent nations with a sound economy and first strike and retaliation capabilities. Today only the Jews and the nations they control have such capabilities and therefore they are the only player left. And the last player uses his power to ensure that no other player[s] may emerges by restricting the access to the means to play the game.

What can we do?

Well, the situation is quite fucked up to say the least. I see only two ways out of it; either by re-gaining the means to play the game, or by bringing the whole game to an end. For the first a coop etat would be required with focus on taking control of the means for possible retaliation as fast as possible, for the later to get the people, all the people, to talk with each other and to stop fallowing the commands of the player[s] all at once. Once taken back on of our countries including the means for possible retaliation, we basically have won since neither lies nor liar could ever compete with truth on equal grounds. For the second way goes the same, once we get the people to stop fallowing their orders, it’s over, for once the people realize that the Kaiser has no clothes, no direct power, the indirect power he prior had over them, over us, ceases to exist. (I’m for the peaceful methode btw)

I’m sorry, I can not provide a kind of shortcut, an easy way to freedom. I’m quite aware about how the chances to accomplish either of those possible solutions probably stand, like I said before, the situation is quite fucked up. May the gods be with us…

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~ by metadave on October 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Great Chessboard”

  1. I can believe that there is a gentile like you, with such a broad spectrum, acuteness and non-naiveness. The resistance must be formed. Since it is naive to expect that all the brainwashed (Jews suffered a lot, they do not deserve any criticism, or if you dare to say anything against you are doomed for your life!) would understand and weigh the true magnitude of the Big Brother let alone believe it exist (CNN and BBC told we are free and equal, you racist pig!), the only way is to gain power, be successful in different areas, gain publicity meanwhile you’re hiding your real intentions, what’s more, appear to be a friend of the jews, decieve them, just like they decieve us, until the time comes to ?

  2. I meant i can’t believe

  3. The problem is that they do not trust us, people guided by morals are unstable and dangerous peoplefrom their point of view because such kind of people are very likely to resist against them. They like greedy and selfish people who don’t give a shit about others and are thus unlikely to be moved by moralistic considerations.

    What we really need is place to come together and talk with each other, a place to make plans. A small neutral country would be sufficiant for a start I guess.

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