Germany – The land of the poets and thinker today (Video)

There are a lot of interesting facts most of you probably don’t know about. There is a reason why we natives call the current state of affairs here “Absurdistan”!

[livevideo id=285BB90DA39941AFA07426533CB65324/germany-the-land-of-the-poet.aspx]


~ by metadave on October 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Germany – The land of the poets and thinker today (Video)”

  1. Wow. So much bullshit and wrong spelling in just one video!

    The status of the FRG is not as described. Chancellor Kohl decided to go the easy way of reunion: The 5 countries of the GDR where asked to join the FRG. And so they did. If there had been a real reunion, there would have been a new constitutional congress to renew the constitution. Than it would not have been longer the “Grundgesetz” but a real “Verfassung”. But they did the other way around. And WTF does it matter how you call your constitution? And thank you for the 12.000.000 degenerated inhabitants of the GDR. I bet you only know them out of talkshows and are not friend with some of them. This video is built up on a image of the world which doesn`t come from a open-minded person but a stubborn idiot. For that changing arguments is completely nonsense.
    I´m sorry for you.

  2. Bla bla bla.. A constitution is something by the people for the people, our “Grundgesetz” is the occupation law decided about by the victors. It’s about the differenc ebetween a free country and an occupied one. The differenc between both should be clear!

  3. Don’t care about pricks like lucius. I guess you are from Germany – something quite obvious after watching your vids on philosophy. Be proud to be a German! And if somebody is interested in spelling, well, screw them for they cannot even get the grasp of how tremendous work you do here. Exceptional. I have so much to write about. Just discovering the site. Do you have an email address or sth so that I can contact you?


    I just do what I believe is right, those able to see after all have to watch out for those who don’t, those blinded by inreality. Knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility. And I don’t give a shit about spelling, most who have critised my spelling in the past speak only one language and would do better by not throwing stones at others.

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