Jokela school shooting – My conversations with the shooter


Let me first tell you all that I had neither anything to do with it nor an idea that his mental state was so fragile. We were talking about philosophy and related topics and apart from the fact that his views were a little nihilistic and dark, something rather commen today, he seemed ok.


The Jokela school shooting occurred on November 7, 2007, at the Jokela School Centre (Jokelan koulukeskus), a public secondary school in Tuusula, Finland. The incident resulted in deaths of nine people: seven students (five male and two female), the shooter himself as well as the school principal. Hours before the incident, a video was posted on YouTube predicting a massacre at the school.

This was the second time that a shooting spree has occurred at a Finnish school. The only other time such an incident occurred in Finland was in 1989 at the Raumanmeri school, in Rauma, when a 14-year old fatally shot two students.

At approximately 11:40 a.m. local time (9:40 a.m GMT) a student opened fire at the Jokela School Centre. There was widespread chaos and panic. The school principal was heard over the PA system instructing everyone to stay in the classrooms with the doors barricaded. Some of the students smashed windows in order to get out.

About a hundred heavily armed police, including the Finnish SWAT-equivalent unit Karhuryhmä, started arriving at about 11:55 a.m. and surrounded the school. The gunman fired a shot at a policeman but missed. The gunman had been walking around, knocking on classroom doors, then firing through the doors. He seems to have been shooting people at random, with the possible exception of the school principal, Mrs. Helena Kalmi, who was the only non-student victim.

At least eight people were reported to have been killed by the gunman, including five male students and two female students. One more person suffered gunshot wounds and twelve people were injured by shattering glass as they were escaping from the school building.

The crisis was resolved as the shooter turned his gun on himself, inflicting eventually fatal wounds to the head at 12:04 p.m. local time (10:04 a.m GMT). However, the police, unaware of his fate, took another three hours to secure the building. Policemen did not fire a single bullet.

The gunman’s weapon, which had been described by the media as a “small-calibre handgun”, was a SIG Mosquito .22 calibre pistol that had been legally obtained and registered to the perpetrator on October 19. He was a member of a local shooting club and had no previous criminal record

The shooter was an 18-year-old male student, named Pekka-Eric Auvinen who attended the school. According to his friends, he was lonely and the victim of bullying in school. Auvinen built his own lifestance full of hate. He got a license to own a gun a few weeks before the school shootings. Auvinen was a member of a local shooting club. According to his teacher, Auvinen was an above-average student, and interested in history, philosophy and both extreme right and left wing movements

Today I saw that other blogs started to list my as somehow involved, this shall debug their illogical claims. They should rather point to our rotten and sick society as the real culprit! We live in a rotten and sick world and people are not fully autonomous. Most people have stupidity and the ability to deceive themselves as protection against our rotten reality, with intelligent people it’s a different story, their higher level of awareness makes them more likely to be effected and sometimes infected by the rotten sickness around us.

Our exchange:

[He] Greetings from Finland.

I like your videos and especially the Plato / Aristotle videos. Thanks for uploading them. The Republic is a great book (and so are some others you mention in your profile)!

Good to see other open-minded and intelligent people on youtube.

I also made sort of video about Plato’s Republic too hehe.

– NaturalSelector89

[Me] I enjoyed the video, good work! I really like Plato, the “Republic” was the book which made me first discover the love for knowledge, what Plato called the “philosopher king” was what inspired me to take my education into my own hands.

The world needs more intelligent people just like youtube needs educational content!

Greetings back from Absurdistan (Occupied Germany)

[He] Indeed, this world needs more intelligent people… Im very often quite nihilistic, cynical and pessimistic (which Im sure you propably notice when you look some of my videos, they are quite misantrophic hehe) about the future of the world and even the current situation… though I have many education videos aswell ehehe.

Well at least there are still some intelligent people left… though justice is still far away… “Justitia suum cuique distribuit” (one of my favorite latin quotes)… “Justice renders to everyone his due”.

Have you read Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” btw? If you like “Brave New World” and “1984”, I recommend Fahrenheit 451 aswell 🙂

PS. Sent you also a friend invite.

– NaturalSelector89

[Me] You should check out Epictetus and Stoic philosophy in generell. There are things in our control and things which are not in our control, people who do not understand this difference try to effect things not in their control and are bound to experience failure and misery and thus usually develop pessimistic views on life and society. A man can not effect those things not in his control and therefore reality will more often than not fail to meet his expectations as long as he does not understand that some things are simply not in his control. Basically the secret to happiness is controlling ones own expectations. Man knows no objectivity, only from the difference between what is, and how he expected things to be, man judges what is good and what is miserable.

As long as one controls his expectations, one will never experience misery no matter how miserable his life for others may looks like.

PS: I will check our Fahrenheit 451

[He] Hello Im NaturalSelector89. YouTube suspended my account but Im back now. I subscribed to you and sent you a friend invite. Il be uploading my videos back soon 🙂

The first conversation on yourtube we had (he contacted me):

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My answer:

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His reply:

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My reply:

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The last message he send me:

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4 Responses to “Jokela school shooting – My conversations with the shooter”

  1. Hi,

    What’s up with the world? I love conspiracy theories but this one takes the “most-stupid-one-award”. “This guy planned it with the murderer, ON YOUTUBE!” Haha, give me a rest.

    People are stupid as he said, but in the same sentence I have to say that I hate what he did. (Without this statement people would make a “JFK-story” about this comment.)

    Great publicity for your blog, keep it up!

  2. We live in a rotten and sick world and people are not fully autonomous. Most commen people have stupidy and the ability to deceive themselves as protection against our rotten reality, but with intelligent people it’s a different story, their higher level of awareness makes them more likely to be afected and sometimes infected by the rotten sickness around us.

    “The greatest mistake is to imagine that the human being is an autonomous individual. The secret freedom of the mind which you can supposedly enjoy under a despotic government is nonsense, because your thoughts are never entirely your own.”
    — George Orwell, As I Please, 28 April 1944

  3. The Latin phrase he mentioned in conversation with you was the final words in his “manifesto”. – His last words. “Justice renders to everyone his due”.
    He obviously admired you; looking for a friend.

  4. Pointing him to Epictetus was a good advice, it’s not my fault that he choose a different part of “conflict resolution”. Maybe he was searching for help and I could not see it… in todays world is has become rather hard to tell who is fine and who don’t.

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