Candar – A solution for the supressed people of Palestine and the world?


By chance I came in my studies across the ancient state Candar which was once located in the northern part of Anatolia, in the time of the Romans this area was called “Paphlagonia”. It appears like this was once a kind of in-official Jewish state, crypto-jews with huge influence in the Turk empire. By now most people should have noticed that Ashkenazi and Palestinians do not seem to get along well with each other. Well, I think I have a solution for the problem of both; Candar.

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Candar, marked by it’s old Roman name “Paphlagonia” in the map above, is a much better location for an Ashkenazi state than is Palestine, or Europe, or America, for Ashkenazi and Turks are both of similar descent and so they should be rather compatible to each other. Their dominate Mongolian behavior traits make them otherwise rather bad people when it comes to peaceful coexistence. We could give a piece of Anatolian back to the Greeks, a part to the Kurds, another part back the Armenians, and Candar to the Ashkenazi. This would solve a lot of problems all at once.

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~ by metadave on November 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Candar – A solution for the supressed people of Palestine and the world?”

  1. lol land for kurds?
    not in a milion years

  2. You have to think a little more ahead, giving them some of the land which is occupied by Mongolians anyway is better than having to take them in as refugges. And the Kurds are better than the Turks, we could use them as “buffer” between Europe and the Mongolians.

  3. they can have land i dont care but so long its not a piece of turkey.

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