Nessesity and Survival

The picture below comes close to the misery I have to see every damn day.

Another day here in Chemtrailland. Today I wanna talk about self-defence, nessesity, and survival and how those things are connected to chemtrails. Fallowing the ancient Latin saying; Adversus hostem aeterna auctoritas esto, against the enemy the right of defence is inalienable! As I see things we are being sprayed on a daily basis with some kind of toxic/unhealthy substances. It’s likely that barium and sulfar, both toxic, are only part of the stuff we are being sprayed with. It’s my own interpretation but I consider the act of being sprayed with poisons on a daily basis as an act of war, an attack on my health and my life. Any actions taken against those traitor whch poison us, yet and in the future, would be just than the right of self-defence is inalienable. They commit treason against humanity and all life on earth on a daily basis.

For a further look into the subject matter:

~ by metadave on November 30, 2007.

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