911 – The Bloody Morning After – Beth Fischer Speaks…

“Beth Fischer, U.S. Foreign Policy Expert, explains how this tradegy is going to affect the American people’s pscyhe…”

Here we have an Ashkenazi bia.. women I mean explaining the very reason why they’ve done it; “the psychological implication”, “the end to isolationism”, “this is gonna chance the world forever”.

Guilty as shit if you ask me!


PS: Be aware! The “no-plane-morons” are on the offense. They are trying to descredit the truth movement. Youtube has become a whole propaganda psyops operating center it seems. They know that their officiell theory is total bs with more holes than swiss cheese and so they try to descredit the other side. Since the stroonger theories could not be debunked they make new ones much weaker so the lamestream media in the future will not have much trouble debunking them.

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~ by metadave on December 8, 2007.

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