The Censor Soviets at Jewtube again!

The Censor Soviets are alive!

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It’s always the same kind of people who are against freedom of espression, those who fear the truth.

Censored Version

~ by metadave on December 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Censor Soviets at Jewtube again!”

  1. What was the video about ? anyway yeah they are afraid of the truth

  2. The video was about the old national anthem of Prussia, it was making the point for local independence against EU aka communism 2.0. Those EU-Communists do not like the truth at all, I wonder when they declare such things “anti-revolutionary-activity” like the Soviets did. In the good old first Soviet union “anti-revolutionaries”, aka those who were against the communist regime and slauther, were sent into the gulags!

  3. Whats the reason for using youtube any longer? There are alternatives all over the net. Lets seperate us from those.

  4. That’s a good idea btw, it’s just that those alternatives I tryed were no bettertter. Either they were still void of people or ruled by the Censor-Soviets as well.

    A good list of alternatives without Soviets?

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