First they dumbed you down and now they make fun of you!

It’s no wonder they banned my video about Ashkenazi intelligence and their influence on our education processes from jewtube! They do not like to be made responsible for their own “achievements”

And the people in America are not the only ones. Here an Absurdistan, the reductio ad absurdum of Germany, I not so long read an article in the “Spiegel” (a German weekly magazine comparable to the Times magazine) an article about the “new-proletarians” their measures have created. Also not so long ago they made a survey over here which found out that a good deal of the population is no longer able to fully understand the language used by the news anchors of the “Tagesschau”, one of the major evening news shows here in Absurdistan! A great deal of the population here is so dumb that they do not even understand the evening news anylonger!

All that’s required to fight overpopulation would be a new definition of the legal term “brain death”.

~ by metadave on December 17, 2007.

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