There are no such things as “Chemtrails”!

This video demonstartes that there is nothing wrong with the sky! Nothing except normal contrails and cloud formations!

~ by metadave on December 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “There are no such things as “Chemtrails”!”

  1. Driving at midday from Taos to Chama, it’s a very lonely stretch of highway. As I came out of the forest and crested at 10,000+ ft a large military plane flew so low over me – spewing white vapor, and heading towards Santa Fe. New Mexico used to have beautiful lue skies. Now the camtrails linger and spread till some afternoons the whole sky is hazy. Then they try to tell us we are conspiracy nuts!

  2. Yep, it’s insulting that they believe us to be so stupid that we do not notice what is going on right over our heads. The summer we had in Absurdistan (the reductio ad absurdum of Germany) this year was only good for what I call the excape from reality industry, entertainment and drugs. With summers like these it’s no wonder the people need ever growing mountains of anti-depressiva to get over the day!

  3. Who is the asshole who said there is no chemtrails? My cousing is a military pilot and he execute last year some mission related to chemtrails. He explain me (beyond his safety) that they are hunt greys and the chemicals they use make the greys fluorecent to uv at night on there more active hours over the surface because there habitat is deep doun on the planet, so, if anybody say anything diferent I will make a suggestion, Dont try to speek about anything you do not know, thanks.

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