New Page – The Great dumbing Down

The Secretary of Education from the movie “Ideocracy” below.


“Anger gets hold of me whenever I think of the base and criminal means which they employ to keep the nations in perpetual slavery, undoubtedly that they may be the better able to fleece them. Of what consequence are the crimes of all the Tropmanns in the world compared with this crime of treason against humanity committed daily, in broad day, over the whole surface of the civilized world, by those who dare to call themselves the guardians and the fathers of the people?” — Mikhail Bakunin, God and the State

What have aspartame, compulsory schooling, toxic vaccines, fluoridation, watching TV, and multiculturalism all have in common? Can you guess it or do you already know? They are all means to dumb down society. Taken as a whole they give a frightening picture of what is going in the world, the great dumbing down more and more come to realise. The French philosopher Voltaire stated that” those who hold the power to make you believe absurdities also have the power to make you commit atrocities”. Intelligent people are bad from this point of view, they think too much, such people are exceptionally bad since they do not believe everything they are told. Over time I came across a lot of videos related to the great dumbing of society I wanted to share. It time to start thinking as long as you still can!

The Great Dumbing Down

~ by metadave on December 28, 2007.

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