Terror Alert: The Boggy Man is part of a plot to blow up the Eifel tower!

Will the Boggy Man strikes again?


This time the Boggy Man’s Al Qaeda will strike the Eifel tower in Paris, the heart of city of love. He hates our freedom! Good that we have USrael and our governments to protect us from the evil islamofacists which attack us because they hate our freedoms! Never forget, for your own safety, that every Arab is a terrorist, and that every Arab terrorist is part of Al Qaeda! Only giving up ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS can protect you from the Boggy Man and Al Qaeda!

A plot by Islamic terrorists to blow up the Eiffel Tower has been uncovered.

A scrambled short-wave radio conversation exposing the planned attack on the world’s most visited monument was picked up by Portuguese air traffic controllers and passed on to French spy chiefs.

The 1,060ft high tower has more than six million visitors a year – an average of more than 16,000 a day.

A successful strike on the 7,500 ton iron tower, which was looked down on Paris since 1889, would be a French 9/11 and could cost thousands of lives.

The threat was uncovered in a “vague and muffled” radio conversation picked up by air traffic controllers in Lisbon on Thursday.

It comes after a spate of other threats made in recent days on the websites linked to Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terror network, calling for the “brothers of Islam to strike Paris”.

Truth and nothing but the truth! Reports that the Boggy Man is either already dead or “out of the business” are not true! The Boggy Man is invinsible, for as long as the children believe in him he will remain a part of this world!

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~ by metadave on January 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Terror Alert: The Boggy Man is part of a plot to blow up the Eifel tower!”

  1. omg we muslims love paris..israel terror killed more than 1400 in 20 dayz last year.. n more than 150,000 palastinean kids, n women..with in 65 years.. what freedom r u talking about?? damn we hate osama as much as israel they’re bouth one type of ppl.. i love the pic btw lol

    who ever wrote this is apeace hater.. clearly it’s a israeli rat.. jaja


  3. You are a terrorist propagandist liar working for ISRAHELL. I hope IRAN NUKES YOUR FILTHY ASS AND SOON.

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