The Germanic Origin of the Peace Sign (Video)

Everyone probably knows how a peace sign looks like, but how many know where it originated from? A short video I made. The Nordic people believed that these runes were given to them by Odin himself to end their ignorance.

[livevideo id=6ADF573AF1B5460FB205228253C40AD0/the-germanic-origin-of-the-pea.aspx]

~ by metadave on January 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Germanic Origin of the Peace Sign (Video)”

  1. Doesn’t the Peace sign originate from the “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” Logo ?

  2. There it first appeared!

  3. I learned years ago that it is an occultic symbol: an inverted cross with broken arms, akin to torture. However, your etymology may have some relevance.

  4. You know, I posted this video other places and it truly amazed me how many different sourced different people pointed to as origin for the peace sign! Can you provide a link or source for the occult symbol you are talking about? Because the Germanic Todesrune definitely exists and is much older than the Christian cross and most other signs people pointed to as source of origin!

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