War on Freedom: Cheney Wants Surveillance Law Expanded

The Huffington Post reports that the totaliitarian controller are trying to expand the war on freedom and privacy, again! Readers should not forget their Orwellian Doublespeak – English dictionary when reading the article, exspecially the Cheney quotes!

WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney prodded Congress on Wednesday to extend and broaden an expiring surveillance law, saying “fighting the war on terror is a long-term enterprise” that should not come with an expiration date.

“We’re reminding Congress that they must act now,”

“This cause is bigger than the quarrels of party and the agendas of politicians,” Cheney said. “And if we in Washington, all of us, can only see our way clear to work together, then the outcome should not be in doubt.”

Reader shoudn’t forget that; Only giving up ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS can protect you! Without freedoms, rights, and privacy, exspecially the right to own guns, there will be no more need to stage false flag attacks, no more freedoms which could be taken anyway, and therefore we will be safe from the totalitarian autocrates rulling our all lifes!?! Or how about; they “hate our freedoms” so we better give them all up?!?

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~ by metadave on January 24, 2008.

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