The Democratic Africa liberated from the oppression of the white devil!


Africa is probably the one place in the world which proves like no other how right the Marxists with their ideas and theories are, like a beacon of liberation is Africa shining, wthout electricity in many areas, to all the world to fallow her example. What the black man liberated from the oppression of the evil white devil has accomplish there! Long live African democracy! With “African Democracy” it is a tricky thing, like we in Absurdistan say; wer zuerst kommt mahlt zuerst, in Africa the first to get elected usually reshapes the state to make himself “democratic ruler for life” with his relatives and those from his own tribe in as many government positions as possible. African democracy! Almost as good as in the good old days before the white devils came!

“The undervaluing of humanity among them reaches an incredible degree of intensity. Tyranny is regarded as no wrong, .. There is absolutely no bond, no restraint upon that arbitrary volition. Nothing but external force can hold the State together for a moment. A ruler stands at the head, for sensuous barbarism can only be restrained by despotic power. .. want of self-control distinguishes the character of the Negroes. This condition is capable of no development or culture, and as we see them at this day, such have they always been.” — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1770-1831

Zimbabwe (prior Rhodesia) for example is a good example for an liberated African nation, in Zimbabwe the number of millionaires has exploded since they took care of the white devils! From an oppressed Apartheid’s regime to the democratic African ruler Mugabe! Genocide against whites and Africans alike and nothing to buy anymore in the shops! A true Marxist paradise, just like North Korea!

The Land of Millionars – Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Overview

Therefore people should not always see things so negative, inflation for example is not all bad like the example of Zimbabwe shows, thanks to inflation everyone in Zimbabwe is now a millionaire! South Africa for example is another story of success of those great ideas the Marxists had in the the last century, from gulags in Soviet Russia to the liberation of Africa from civilisation, without their influence, the world today would not be the same great place we all love! South Africa went from a country with it’s own space programme, to the crime capital of the world with regular power shortages, BLACKOUTS!

Its vast deposits of gold and platinum helped turn it into Africa’s most developed nation, but South Africa’s latest metal export risks doing exactly the opposite.

Youngsters make off with pieces of copper in Cape Town: Power line theft leaves South Africa in dark Youngsters make off with pieces of copper in Cape Town, South Africa. Cities are being brought “to their knees” by unprecedented pilfering of copper and aluminium cables, which has caused extensive blackouts and power cuts as organised gangs plunder miles of the country’s electricity and telephone lines to sell abroad as scrap.

What is going wrong down there? The political correct thing to say would be that it’s only the fault of individuals and that the Africans had just not the right chance and bla bla bla… prior apartheid bla bla, slavery bla bla, but the truth is that those people never had the ability to govern their own lifes in a civilised way to begin with, to much like children, not enough self-control and to selfish and dictatorial in dealing with their own kind.

Often African “leaders” are outright pirates whose only interest is in enriching themselves and their cronies. Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seku is perhaps the worst. He has been in power since 1965, and has looted the country of an amount estimated to be between two and ten billion dollars. Either figure would make him one of the richest men in the world. He owns chateaus or estates in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Ivory Coast. He has 11 palaces in Zaire itself, including one in his home village of Gbadolite that is so lavish it is known as the Versailles of the Jungle. Mr. Mobutu likes to be called “Messiah,” and has worked up a personality cult for his hotel-maid mother that rivals that of the Virgin Mary.

Rarely do African leaders show the slightest evidence that they have any concern for their people. Consider Madagascar. When the French controlled the island, they nearly succeeded in wiping out the malaria mosquito. When the Malagasies were given independence, they let public health programs fall into decay. By 1988, when 100,000 people had died of the disease in just six months, the national malaria-control laboratory owned one Bunsen burner and two old microscopes. The Swiss government, under World Bank auspices, has offered to donate 300 million tablets of anti-malarial drugs — enough to treat the entire population for two years — but the Madagascar government insists on selling them rather than handing them out free. This ensures that most people won’t get them and that a few government officials will get even richer than they already are.

Africa corruption -part 1 –part 2part3

I really happy that thanks to our open boarder policy in the west our children one day will be able to enjoy the same way of life as those people in liberated Africa, with integration being another great success story, third world will soon virtually be everywhere, poverty, astronomical crime rates, corrupt and incompetent governments, ethnic conflicts, it’s not fair that those greedy third world people keep all those good things for themselves! It’s discrimination not to share with us the achievements of the third world way of live!


What a Brave New World Order that will be! All will be equally dumb and enslaved, reduced to the level of a child which has to be protected from himself since those with the mind of child can not be expected to make reasonable decisions, what a great future that will be, it’s simply the logical consequence of equality in a multi-culti society together with people who have not reached mental maturity yet. People dumb and dependent enough to believe that socialism is actually a good idea!

“Monopoly is the natural opposite of competition. This simple observation suffices, as we have remarked, to overthrow the utopias based upon the idea of abolishing competition, as if its contrary were association and fraternity. Competition is the vital force which animates the collective being: to destroy it, if such a supposition were possible, would be to kill society.” — Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 1809-1865, “The Philosophy of Misery“

And it’s good to know that those non-white people love each other at least as much as they love us! Once the white devils are gone the world will be a much more peaceful place! All love the new Babylon!





~ by metadave on January 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Democratic Africa liberated from the oppression of the white devil!”

  1. On African Corruption:
    It could be some races lack altruism altogether and that as dishonest and cheating people, they see nothing wrong with their behavior, while other races are noble & honest and would never steal from or cheat another person just because they know it is wrong, that this hurts another person.
    Any race or society that is this corrupt and greedy always falls into chaos since they are unable to work collectively as a whole and do what is right for the good of all the people, since they have no concern/empathy/compassion for others

  2. Hey, saying such things makes you a racist! Don’t you know that all people are equal? But you are probably right, I guess with Africans it’s a mixture of lack of companionship/empathy, underdeveloped frontal-lab, enforced by a lack of intelligence and self-control.

  3. I thought I was the only voice of reason in the wilderness until I found the comments listed above. Although it takes a long time to build a civilization, it takes only a short time to destroy one. It is easy to give away a store of wealth but difficult to give away a store of knowledge. In one of the supreme ironies of the 20th century, the United States won the hot war against fascism in WWII as well as the subsequent cold war against communism abroad. But the U.S. lost the culture war against socialism at home. It is now a 21st century police/welfare state. Political correctness has gone from being a ridiculous fantasy to a painful reality. Real white devils have now been elected as public officials and hired as civil servants if you still care to use such titles. The ship of state is sinking here. Never mind Africa.

  4. You damn Colonial White Devil Oppressor.
    Wait until I report you to Anthony Bourdain! Secondly like a true Privileged Caucasian Cave Monkey,you forgot to shower praise upon Gen.Idi Amin, conqueror of the British Empire!!
    Somalia,the paradise of the East,is considered the Garden of Eden amongst my fellow suffering African Kings & Queens in exile of the North American Nubian National Federation of Socialist People’s Free Republics.
    Brother Malcolm
    Brother King
    Brother Mandella
    Brother Tupac
    Brother Barack
    Brother Medgar
    Brother Vernon
    Free us from the clutches,the shackles,the Leg Irons,and the Slave ships,of these damn white colonial devils who smell like bologna when they sweat! Give it up for Mother Africa y’all feel?

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