The EU Lisbon Treaty -EU Constitution2.0 (Video)

EU constitution by backdoor attempt!

[livevideo id=D810D70A2CAE4A989329A6FB42A5A79B/danish-mep-exposes-the-eu-lisb.aspx]

Danish MEP Jens-Peter Bonde exposes the lies and manipulations by the EU elites to hide the significance of the treaty by making it unreadable. Can you smell the spirit of freedom and democracy in this infamous act? They know that the people don’t want the constitution and that’s why they don’t ask us in form of a referendum. It’s quite simple, the only way to get that totalitarian shit threw is by not letting the people vote on it!

And those traitors dare to call that democracy!

~ by metadave on March 6, 2008.

One Response to “The EU Lisbon Treaty -EU Constitution2.0 (Video)”

  1. i was absolutely gutted with the vote in the house of commons. i would of thought more Mp’s would have voted for a referendum against this for democracy, theres not really s way out of Europe now exccept for the vote in house of lords. only the political elite will have got a say in deciding our future the traitors!

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