Mind control – Your thoughts are not your ownSE (Video)

This is part of an interview with Steven Jacobson explaining how we are all manipulated and controlled particulary by television, and that your thoughts may not be your own, but are programmed into you from birth, if you are new to this type of information you will learn alot from this amazing 8min clip.

[livevideo id=21511A26109E4C538ECB2F8A9F2E7803/mind-control-your-thoughts-a.aspx]

~ by metadave on March 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mind control – Your thoughts are not your ownSE (Video)”

  1. hi Dave, Ive noticed you have not been on posting on Jewtube recently are you taking a break from it? would you mind if i posted some of your videos on youtube like this one linking to your webpage.

  2. Hey there Mark, actually jewtube has banned me from posting videos it seems, they don’t like what I have to say which I take that as indicator that I’m to close to the truth and to effective in making my point. A reason to increase my efforts even more! I have switched my attention to alternative sites like liveleak.com and other forms of distribution like bittorrent.

    But your welcome to post them! A good quality version of this and related video may be downloaded here. And the rest of my videos can be found in the download section (bittorrent client required)

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