Not exactly “my experiment” in the sense of an experiment I conducted myself, but the name of an interesting site I found concerning a long term aspartame experiment with rats, “MY ASPARTAME EXPERIMENT”.

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I did my aspartame experiment because my family was addicted to diet soda. After researching the effects of aspartame, I strongly believed the artificial sweetener might one day lead to their illness and even early death.

Most influential in my research on the aspartame molecule was The Bressler Report. (3) Dr. Jerome Bressler, M.D., led an FDA task force to attempt to validate the authenticity of a study done by G.D. Searle, the pharmaceutical company that held the patent to the “sweetener.”

Dr. Bressler’s team did the Searle audit between April 25, 1977 and August 4, 1977 of study PT #988S73, a 115 Week Oral Tumorigenicity Study in the Rat. The rat study was supposedly done by Searle to examine the adverse effects of the crystalline form of aspartame’s breakdown from phenylalanine, 50% of the chemical’s composition to SC-19192, diketopiperazine (DKP).

Bressler’s force found irregularities in Searle’s experiment– missing raw data, errors and discrepancies in available data, exclusions of animals, and animals that had masses removed and were then returned to the study.

It is clear Searle misrepresented the carcinogenicity of DKP and hid incriminating data from the FDA.

One unreported tissue mass in Searle’s study measured 5.0 X 4.5 X 2.5 cm. Equivalent to 2 in. X 1.75 in. X 1.0 in. —a significant sized tumor that should be visible to the naked eye, hard to miss.

I was convinced I would see tumors and possibly other harmful effects to convince my family and friends to avoid aspartame.

I said it before and I will say it again, aspartame and products it contains are really really bad and that for humans and animals alike! Aspartame offers no nutritional value whatsoever and therefore anyone even remotely interested in his own health and well being should avoid products containing aspartame at all costs! Aspartame for example, next to many other things, breaks down to formaldehyde, a poison that attacks the nervous system. In the days of old, the days when people were still very ignorant about chemistry, a lot of people lost their eye sight from drinking self-made alcohol containing formaldehyde which comes out as byproduct when making alcohol and has to be removed by a process called distillation.

Basically everyone with even remote knowledge in chemistry knows how dangerous formaldehyde is, feeding products to humans which break down to formaldehyde in the body in this day and age must be seen as an deliberate act to harm them, no one in the field of medicine or chemistry today can claim that he wasn’t aware of the negative effects of formaldehyde, it would be like a lawyer claiming that he wasn’t aware that killing someone constitutes a crime!


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  1. Ich schätze 80% aller Ratten entwickeln einen Tumor, denn die auf dem Markt erhältlichen domestizierten Ratten stammen alle von Laborratten ab. d.h. die meisten der Ratten wären sowieso an einem Tumor/Krebs gestorben, aber ich glaube, das Aspartam hat die angezüchtete Tendenz noch verstärkt. Ich habe so ein Ausmaß jedenfalls noch nicht gesehen.
    Wie auch immer, allein von einem moralischen Standpunkt aus sollte man Ergebnisse, die an Ratten erzielt wurden, nicht auf den Menschen übertragen.
    Ich glaube es gab auch schon einige Studien zum Thema Aspartam und die von bestimmten Kartellen finanziell unabhängigen Studien haben alle eindeutige Urteile gefällt.
    (Idealerweise sollte dazu aber auch der gesunde Menschenverstand in der Lage sein)

  2. Du hast schon Recht, aber könntest du mit guten Gewissen das Zeug Menschen verabreichen? Selbst die Experimente mit Ratten sind schon äußerst fragwürdig, Experimente an Menschen mit diesem Gift würden in jeden fall eine Form von schwerer Körperverletzung darstellen!

    Und das die meisten Laborratten in jeden Fall ein Tumor entwickeln ist schon richtig, solche riesen Tumore wie auf den Bildern sind allerdings, wie du auch schon bemerkt hast, nicht normal. Wenn man dem Link folgt finden sich ja auch noch weit mehr Bilder, neben den Tumoren kam es auch zu Augenproblemen, Hautproblemen, Wachstumsstörungen, und Gebuhrtsdefekten, also ne ganze reihe an Störungen die auch für Laborratten nicht normal sind! Menschen haben übrigens ähnliche Probleme wie die Ratten gemeldet, gerade Beeinträchtigungen der Sehkraft scheinen häufig zu sein was nicht verwundert wenn man bedenkt das Aspartame im Körper u.A. zu Formaldehyde zerfällt welches dafür bekannt ist den Sehnerv anzugreifen!

  3. Hi:
    The “My aspartame experiment” referred to herin is seriously flawed. But so is every other aspartame experiment regardless of results. However, like this experiment, this is especially true for those who report deleterious effects, because these effects arise soley because of the fundamental and fatal flaw. However, this design error also affects the original Searle experiments and the 2006 and 2007 Soffritti et al experiments reporting leukemia, lymphoma, and mammary tumors from aspartame too. The error itself will cause these types of tumors. Details of the critical and fatal control flaw and two experimental flaws in the Soffritti experiment all will be made known to the scientific community later this month. Suffice it to say, if the Searle studies were done incorrectly, the Bressler report is invalid too. But then again the entire argument against aspartame, which is based on these flawed experiments, is null and void. “Aspartame is perfectly safe used as directed in healthy people.”

    John E. Garst, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Toxicology)

  4. “Aspartame is perfectly safe used as directed in healthy people.”

    How can you sleep at night? Do you have no soul or conscience? Let alone what mistakes may have been made or not made in those experiments, that aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde which is a known nerve toxin is a fact. Or do you deny that? How than can consuming something which in the body breaks down to a known nerve toxin be “perfectly safe”?

    Formaldehyde is a known toxin, next to mercury probably one of the oldest known to man, and all products either containing it directly or breaking down to it in the body are not safe for human consumption! Any Ph.D. claiming otherwise should be stripped of his credentials and put before a court for misleading the public!

  5. John E. Garst, Ph.D.

    You, officially earn the ‘Dick of the year’ title.


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