Friends of Flemish Independence

I’m in full support of independence for our Germanic brothers in Flanders from the Franco oppression and plundering. The same goes for our brothers in the Elsass region which was annexed by France against the will of the people. Freedom and independence for Germania!

Join the Friends of Flemish Independence (FFI)

Senator Karim Van Overmeire has founded the ‘Friends of Flemish Independence’ (FFI). FFI is a worldwide network of local representatives who follow the media in their own countries and react whenever wrong information is given about Belgium and the Flemings’ struggle for independence. A website will be established to support these people with valuable information. If you are interested in joining FFI, please contact friends@flemishrepu

The Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) strives for the independence of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking free-market oriented northern half of Belgium, from Wallonia, its socialist-dominated French-speaking southern half. Because we want Flanders to secede from the multinational bogus state of Belgium, the Belgian regime regards us as the most dangerous threat to the State. Its policy is to deliberately misinform the international community about us.

Recent richtte Karim Van Overmeire de ‘Friends of Flemish Independence’ op. Het is de bedoeling om over de gehele wereld een netwerk uit te bouwen van lokale vertegenwoordigers. De ‘Friends of Flemish Independence’ volgen in hun land de berichtgeving in de media over de Belgische situatie en de Vlaamse onafhankelijkheidss trijd. Wanneer er onjuiste informatie verspreid wordt, reageren ze door lezersbrieven en opiniestukken. Ze kunnen ook hun nationale politici aanspreken, en bezorgen interessante adressen aan de redactie van de ‘The Flemish Republic’. Binnenkort worden de ‘Friends of Flemish Independence’ geïntegreerd in de webstek van ‘The Flemish Republic’. Wie interesse heeft mag eventuele buitenlandse contacten bezorgen aan

~ by metadave on April 13, 2008.

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