This History Of Political Correctness

Informative video on the origin of the poison that has infected our society and in the process took away what is most important for a free society, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.


~ by metadave on April 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “This History Of Political Correctness”

  1. Amazing video… did you notice that every last one of these people is Jewish? A whole century of the most terrible and damaging perversions foisted onto us by these freaks. It’s too sickening to imagine.

    What about the “mental liberation” from the supposed tyranny of bourgeois society that has contributed to pretty much everyone now having a mental disorder! The homosexuality and paedophilia! It’s just so amusing to them. They love what they’re doing.

    I love their literary theory also. When reading notes on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice I found out Shylock is a sympathetic character and the play is actually a denunciation of Christian morality.

  2. How about that Marxism doesn’t work economically so they have to enforce it culturally first? I’m just grateful we get to have the cultural collapse first. It’s so great getting to slowly see everything you believe in be soiled and raped before the true economic destitution sets in. It makes all the difference.

  3. Behind almost everything that is bad you find a Jew! As higher the concentration of them as worse it gets. Unpleasant little freaks of nature!

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