What World Famous Men Said About The Jews

Jews are the greatest obstacles for the well being and freedom of the people among which they dwell since ancient times. They want people to believe that they were unjustly discriminated against for no good reason but the truth is that the reasons why Jews were driven out of so many different countries throughout history changed little since ancient times. It was not religious prejudice or “bigotry” but the antisocial behavior of the Jews, their hate and contempt for all non-Jews, the inherent dishonesty and treachery found in their race, and last but not least their practice of usury which impoverishes the people.

The Jews commonly act like a parasitic disease, it is apparently a part of the inherent nature of those people, and what they call “antisemitism” is infact nothing but a natural defense reaction comparable to what the human immune system does in case of a virus infection. The Jews somehow intuitively sense that and thus work to weaken the host societies which they have infected so to prevent what we may call the “social immune system” from rejecting them. Just as a weakened human body can no longer resist most diseases, so a weakened society can no longer resist the Jews in most cases. The survival of the Jews in a society depends on keeping the “social immune system” from rejecting them which explains most of their subversive activities not directly related to self-enrichment. Like a virus or parasitic infection, Jewish behavior seems to fallow two main purposes; 1) growth and expansion, 2) weakening the infected host so to prevent a immune reaction.

Sublata causa, tollitur effectus.

~ by metadave on May 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “What World Famous Men Said About The Jews”

  1. Hast du in deinem Blog schonmal die Rede von Benjamin Freedman veröffentlicht (wenn nicht wird es Zeit…)??

  2. Das ist an sich ne gute Idee wo sowas wie “ehrliche Juden” doch weitaus seltener zu sein scheinen als selbst Diamanten!

  3. (5) Prussian police agent report on Karl Marx in 1852.

    In the whole apartment there is not one clean and solid piece of furniture. Everything is broken. There is a chair with only three legs. In private life he is an extremely disorderly cynical human being, and a bad host. He leads a real gypsy existence. Washing, grooming and changing his linen are things he does rarely. He has no fixed times for going to sleep and waking up. He often stays up all night, and then lies down fully clothed on the sofa at midday and sleeps till evening.

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