68% of Italians want Gypsy expelled – poll

Sixty-eight per cent of Italians, fuelled by often inflammatory attacks by the new rightwing government, want to see all of the country’s 150,000 Gypsies, many of them Italian citizens, expelled, according to an opinion poll.

The survey, published as mobs in Naples burned down Gypsy camps this week, revealed that the majority also wanted all Gypsy camps in Italy to be demolished . ..

In a second poll, 81% of Italian respondents said they found all Gypsies, Romanian or not, “barely likeable or not likeable at all”

I can only agree with the Italians on this matter. I would prefer to have them expelled from my country as well. Gypsies are bound to crime and welfare and on average rather unpleasant people, and if not already bad enough, very unclean and often carrier of diseases. And I speak of experience here! In the 5th grade in school for example I and my whole class came to “enjoy” lice, apparently a vehicle of “cultural enrichment”, thanks to a Gypsy child in our class unaccustomed to western hygiene standards.

~ by metadave on May 17, 2008.

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