Delusions of Democracy

Today I wanna talk about a delusional disorder that requires more attention and immediate treatment I believe. A mental disorder which I called “Delusions of Democracy”. DoD is probably the most common delusional disorder in western nations and commonly causes a serious disconnection with reality. People suffering from this disorder believe to live in a free and democratic society independently of the real nature of the system in which they live. Such people may virtually live in an Orwellian surveillance state and still believe it to be a free and democratic society. DoD in this respect is not just one of the most common but also one of the most dangerous mental disorders since the disconnection with reality is causes often provides aid to tyrants and dictatorships and their crimes. DoD by its effects blocks the way to a free and democratic society by making the mentally disconnected believe that they already live in such a society and that change is therefore unnecessary. DoD leads to apathy and confusion often paralyzing the whole society even in spite of the most outrageous tyranny and injustice. In many cases the disorder produces such a resistance to reality that even direct confrontation with facts directly contradicting the false believe of living in a fee society have no effect on the patient. DoD is probably the most serious mental disorder of our time.

The most probable cause of DoD is a combination of three main factors:

  1. Propaganda and Disinformation
  2. The tendency of the human mind to suppress what is unpleasant
  3. Ignorance

As therapy for DoD I would recommend reeducation measures focused on reestablishing a connecting to reality in the patient. In persistent cases not responding to the reeducation measures an additional medication with natural cannabinoids may proof helpful.

~ by metadave on May 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Delusions of Democracy”

  1. What do you think of the sexual liberation’s effect on this?
    Since so many people are purely sexual creatures they’ve come to see this age as freer than any age that has come before it. The idea of freedom for many is permissiveness and moral relativism, and identity politics that don’t even matter.

    Look at the outrage Scientology is provoking. All of those big protests. People are willing to expend energy on that but are indifferent to Zionism. It’s essentially a politically correct thing to protest against. Just like climate change, where people think they’re taking part in the democratic process because they’re demanding action (carbon taxes), when the idea was put out there and nurtured in them through a long process of social conditioning until eventually the governments “reluctantly” sign up to the schemes that had been planned about 20 years in advance. Look at how hard they’ve worked on the multicultural thing. How often do you hear women say they love brown babies, how often are these people promoted as the ideal, almost an ubermensch. It wasn’t long ago these people were denigrated as the filth that they are. And it just goes on and on. How much publicity do the jews give to Heidi Klum for her interspecies relationship. She gets her own TV show for that.

  2. What are your thoughts on Obama and what his appointment as President will mean for the future of the white race?

  3. Meta Dave, good blog. You seem to have the gist of it, but I have noticed one area that you haven’t touched on (not even in passing reference): feminism.

    Big Government NEEDS feminism, and visa versa. From VAWA to rape shield laws to family court, you will find feminist influence and policy serves a truly fascist state indeed.

    The problem with the delusional majority is this: they would rather foucs on a candidates’ sex and/or race, i.e. Hillary and Obama, rather than policy, i.e. Ron Paul.

    If people truly understood that a libertarian, restrictive government allowed for basic civil liberties, then he would still be in the running. Better, he (or someone like him) would have been in power decades ago. We wouldn’t have absurd laws that impinge on civil liberties like VAWA, and we also wouldn’t have other laws that serve to tax us unfairly or to penalise in an underhand manner either.

    Unfortunately, the idiotic majority will always serve big government, hence MORE laws, bills and legislation, and LESS freedom for citizens.

    Your response to this comment would be appriacted, if nothing else to signal that you DO see a problem with perhaps the biggest burden on any free society: feminism, and its normalised acceptance in law, policy and society wholesale.

  4. @xtheyouthx

    It is sad that the multitude of people seem to have no real conception of what freedom is about. I consider “sexual liberation” as just another Jewish attempt to undermine the foundation of our society.

    PS: What president in the end got elected does not matter anyway since the real decisions are made elsewhere and our so called “leaders” these days appear to be nothing more than public relation figures and mouthpieces for world Jewry. The people behind the scenes, the puppeteers, will not change without a revolution and so what president got elected is totally irrelevant. And Obama can hardly be any worse than Hilary if you ask me!



    Sorry for the late response. It is true that I haven’t touched the subject of feminism yet, I always thought that the whole idea of feminism is so absurd that it requires no special attention. Nature in the process of evolution created the different sexes in order to fill distinguished roles more successfully than prior unisex organism could by introducing a king of biological division of tasks. The whole idea of feminism, the ideology of the equally of the different sexes which is in itself an oxymoron and biological nonsense, is a kind of rebellion against nature and biological reality without any chance of success and just another Jewish attempt to undermine the foundation of our society.

    I also believe that providing women with voting rights was a big mistake, or rather a sinister attempt, that made such a thing as a “working democracy” even more impossible than it was before. Women are guided mainly by feelings which change all the time fallowing their biological circles and are thus simple not suited to make decisions of this kind.

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