Technical Mysteries

I’m back from a week AFK (away from keyboard) caused by what I can only call a “technical mystery” with my computer. Around 2 weeks ago I could not sleep and had the idea to make my computer “summer ready” by cleaning the ventilation system like I commonly do at least once a year. So far so good, the problem was that afterwards by computer for some reason would not start. I exchanged parts, tested my parts inside other computers to check if they work.. nothing, I could find no problem and all parts worked fine except inside my computer… Today, close to despair, I connected the speaker connection of my pc-chassis with the led2 connection of my mainboard since both were not connected and I pretty much tested anything else. Even thought totally illogical, let alone that I’m sure that there weren’t connected before either, it could at least do no harm… Well, since I’m writing this this totally illogical attempt did work. I have no idea why and how connecting things that were not connected before and which do not belong together fixed the problem but by computer works again…


~ by metadave on May 28, 2008.

One Response to “Technical Mysteries”

  1. This is infact nothing but a natural defense reaction comparable to what the human immune system does in case of a virus infection.

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