Modern post-war architecture sucks

An interesting read which I stumbled upon concerning a subject that affects us all to a certain degree, modern architecture, or rather “entartung”, like I more properly like to call the vandalism that was unleashed upon us mainly by the untalented Jews and their screwed up views about how things should be driven by their lack of talent and the absence of what we may call a healthy sense for beauty. Especially in post-war Germany, “the republic of Absurdistan”, things are exceptionally bad since most of Germany was bombed to pieces in the war, and with few exceptions, those things that survived the senseless bombings, post-war architecture is all we have and many of our cities are a perfect example of the soulless nature of post-war modernist architecture.

Cities for Living

American visitors to Paris, Rome, Prague, or Barcelona, comparing what they see with what is familiar from their own continent, will recognize how careless their countrymen often have been in their attempts to create cities. But the American who leaves the routes prescribed by the Ministries of Tourism will quickly see that Paris is miraculous in no small measure because modern architects have not been able to get their hands on it. ..

Until recently, European architects have either connived at the evisceration of our cities or actively promoted it. Relying on the spurious rhetoric of Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, they endorsed the totalitarian projects of the political elite, whose goal after the war was not to restore the cities but to clear away the “slums.” By “slums,” they meant the harmonious classical streets of affordable houses, seeded with local industries, corner shops, schools, and places of worship, that had made it possible for real communities to flourish in the center of our towns. ..

Citizens protested, and conservation societies fought throughout Europe for the old idea of what a city should look like, but the modernists won the battle of ideas. They took over the architecture schools and set out to ensure that the classical discipline of architecture would never again be learned, since it would never again be taught. .. The purpose of the new curriculum was to produce ideologically driven engineers, whose representational skills went no further than ground plans and isometric drawings, and who could undertake the gargantuan “projects” of the socialist state: shoveling people into housing estates, laying out industrial areas and business parks, driving highways through ancient city centers, and generally reminding the middle classes that Big Brother was supervising them.

Cities for Living

~ by metadave on June 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Modern post-war architecture sucks”

  1. United Kingdom is contaminated too:,,2282539,00.html

  2. Untalented Jews?? You know you are a racist bastard?

  3. Someone who wanks while repeating “Der Wille Zur Macht” as he decays sitting on his toilet seat, muscles atrophying, yet locked rigidly in life by fear, anger and his meaninglessness, all self-inflicted. He marches about in an endless cycle of self-perpetuated damage and narcissism, in constant pain, hopelessness, with and a deep sense of inferiority and shame, which he tries to mask.

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