The time when Europeans were still real man

The 300 best scenes from the Spartan movie about the ancient war between Greece and Persia. As a Prussian, I have a deep respect for the soldiers of ancient Sparta for they may were the only only ones that could match or even suppress our own troops when it came to discipline and bravery in battle. Spartan soldiers were selected and trained from childhood onwards. The continuous confrontation with danger and what can only be called a Spartanian way of life formed those man into real warriors having nothing but detest for danger and death.

(Please note that those allegation that Alexander and the Greeks were gay is pure nonsense and just another attempt of the despicable Jews to throw dirt on our proud heritage and history. Gay acts were infact outlawed in most if not all ancient Greek states!)

~ by metadave on June 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “The time when Europeans were still real man”

  1. Don’t you know the Spartans were gay! All of the great Greeks + Alexander, Caesar, Frederick the Great were all gay.

  2. That is just more Jewish propaganda. They apparently enjoy to throw dirt on our ancestry and history! Those disgusting stuff was outlawed in most Greek states!

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