Survey suggests U.S. research misconduct is common

Not like it is real news in the sense of something those with a triple digit IQ and an open eye have not already noticed.

(Reuters) – Research misconduct at U.S. institutions may be more common than previously suspected, with 9 percent of scientists saying in a new survey that they personally had seen fabrication, falsification or plagiarism.

The survey of 2,212 mainly biomedical scientists at 605 universities and other research institutions, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, also showed that researchers are very reluctant to report bad conduct.

Thirty-seven percent of cases of suspected misconduct were never reported to the institution involved for investigation, perhaps due to fear of reprisals for turning in a colleague or a desire to protect the flow of research money. ..

In all, 192 scientists — 8.7 percent — said they observed or had direct evidence of researchers in their own departments committing suspected research misconduct over the past three academic years. They described 265 incidents of bad conduct.

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Modern science is heavily dependent on all kind of equipment and thus in extension money which makes the man of science dependent on those willing to pay for his research. You get what you pay for and you do not pay for something which you do not want – well at least as long as one is given a choice! And just like the control of the money, the control of science continuously tightens and has done so for a long time and in many areas, those touching the political or economical interests of those with the money, we already see what many call “one party science”. Certain subjects are simple taboo, in history you better not touch the holocaust and many other subjects, in biology and related topics everything related to racial difference is taboo, in medicine everything that could reduce the income of the pharma mafia, and in economics the true nature of our economic system and the range of consequences caused by its never ending need for growth are out of the question for those who want to keep their jobs and funding. And those are just four examples of many many more!

I btw would not believe the numbers in this survey, the roughly 9% given are probably closer to the percentage of honest scientists left in this rotten establishment than to the actual numbers of cases of misconduct observed by the surveyed scientists (read intellectual prostitutes)

~ by metadave on June 20, 2008.

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