Creationist Junk Debunked #1 – Introduction

Introduction to what could become a great documentary about one of the most hilarious examples of junk-science that ever saw the light of the day, creationism! I’m not an atheist but creationism is simply pure junk. Reason and logic are very important to me and creationism is so anti-reason that a reasonable person has no other choice but to oppose it. Darwin’s theory may still be missing some links but at least it is reasonable and can be used to make sense of things and to arrive at knowledge which makes it scientific in nature. Creationism is, well, junk. Just as something good can not be created out of something evil, or truth out of a lie, so the junk that is creationism will never give birth to real knowledge or insight into anything but the nature of junk-science.

~ by metadave on June 23, 2008.

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