New witch trial in Germany – Ivan The Terrible On Trial


With one of the most rotten legal systems in the whole world where truth and facts are no defense, the new inquisition hopes to accomplish what did not even work in Israel, to sentence a now 88 years old man who was a labor camp guard in Poland for alleged mass murder and acts of cruelty which sound like something right out of a horror novel.

Extradition For Evil Guard

PROSECUTORS in Germany have taken the first steps to extradite the man known as Ivan the Terrible from the US.

They want 88-year-old John Demjanjuk to stand trial for his alleged wartime role herding prisoners into gas chambers in Poland.

Demjanjuk is said to have beaten, whipped and sliced off the breasts of naked victims as they ran to their deaths at the Treblinka camp, near Warsaw.

The Ukrainian was sentenced to death by an Israeli court in 1988 but freed after his conviction was overturned five years later.

The man, John Demjanjuk, was already deported from the USA to Israel in 1986 where he was sentence to death in a trial which saw one of his defense lawyers killed and another blinded by acid. In a second trial the conviction was overturned on the basis that all the evidence and testimonies brought against him were pure fabrications and that the man was not “Ivan the Terrible”.

But hey, here in Absurdistan things are different and courts in such political show trials are not bound to the physical rules of evidence or any other legal standards and so it does not surprise that Kurt Schrimm, Germany’s chief witch hunter, said: “We believe he could be convicted by German criminal law.” Well, I for my part believe that even Mickey mouse could be convicted under German law as long as there is political pressure to do so!


~ by metadave on June 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “New witch trial in Germany – Ivan The Terrible On Trial”

  1. I’m surprised they haven’t yet closed down your blog.

  2. I believe that is only thanks to the fact that I’m still not important enough for such actions. I have to work harder!

  3. Ivan the Terrible is a Russian king who ruled at the age of 14… Are you sure of what you are talking about?

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