Antisemitic Attack in Volzhsky, Russia

Two young men attacked a Jew in a Volzhsky, Russia (Volgograd region) cafe, according to a June 18, 2008 report by the web site Oleg Polonksy, age 40, went to the cafe to eat dinner, but when he placed his keys on the table, the two men sitting nearby noticed that he had a Star of David key chain. They approached him and asked, “are you a Jew?” to which he answered in the affirmative and was savagely beaten. Mr. Polonsky is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries. The head of the local Jewish community has appealed to the city’s mayor to oversee the investigation of the crime. Police so far have not detained any suspects.


Russians apparently keep their towns clean! I would say that the real retaliation is yet to come for everything the Jews have done to the Russians under communism. Like Aristotle already pointed out a long time ago, “just is what is proportional”. Retaliation is an act of justice, or rather, a way to arrive at it.

~ by metadave on June 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Antisemitic Attack in Volzhsky, Russia”

  1. Do you know that many of the Communist leaders are still receiving some form of state pension?

  2. I wish our people in the west would be a little more savage like in the way the Russians are. Savagery after all is the best way to deal with savages!

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